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Monday, October 1, 2018

Madhubala Episode 297--298 Update on Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Madhubala Episode 297--298 Update on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 Related image


RK storms back into mansion and Madhu asks him to calm down..! Radha feels dizzy…and Bittu is holding her hand..! RK says.. how date that Haram Khor ..touch the pic of his dad..! Mangest gets hot water to dab RKs bleeding lip …! RK asks..what crap was that man from gutter was telling (Rasheed)!
Madhu asks if Radha is ok and RK asks how can she be..if someone said such things about her late hubby? Radha passes out..and falls on couch! RK calls for doc!
Doc checks Meera and says.. its good.. n Meera is being cared for nicely..! Doc gives Sultan a list of meds and says.. there is a slight improvement in her condition! Doc leaves…!
Sultan sees Meera playing with her toy…and he sits on the floor near her and rests his head on her thigh..! She asks him the matter? Bad dream? Sultan is in tears and Meera says.. Mera bahadur bachcha.. and kisses his forehead n says..was a dream only..! Sultan says.. THEY din believe me! Sultan says.. they think m lying n Meera says.. then why fear.. to get Lie accepted one has to work hard..!
Meera says.. those who are.. will believe Sultans truth one day..! Sultan asks if not.. then how will he get back her respect n identity? Meera says..its for his MOM? Then he should fight.. n not accept defeat.. fight for truth! Sultan says. .wont..! Meera says..if getting what he wants is precious.. then he will fight n Sultan says its VERY precious..!
Doc checks on Radha.. Madhu is dabbing her head..! Sikky prays for Radhas recovery..!Doc says..its a bit of stress.and gives meds for 3 days n says..she will be ok..! Doc leaves..!
Dips tells Sikky … its coz of Pati ki jawani mein azadi se..pehlai barbadi ka asar hai RK says.. Visting hours over.. makkar mehman ja sakte hain n the duo leave..!
Radha opens her eyes. n looks at Madhu..! Dips says.. new twist in story. .n this time she din do anything! Sikky says.. she is right..! He says.. Sultans eyes are blue. .n Dips says..dun care.. if what Sultan says is right.. Mohan kundras son .. Sultan Kundra .. n he gets new client..!
Dips says.. cant believe.. married u She rues ..she is dumb.. n Sikky says.. had she not married her.. she did been his client n no matter how she is .. he likes her.
Dips says.. if what Sultan is claiming is true..then the person RK hates max in life.. is RKs step brother.. ..!! Sikky says… Sikky is RKs step brother.. ! Dips says.. going to celebrate.. stormy beginning of Rishbala wedding life … ! Sikky says..she is not wife. .but knife..!
RK tells Radha she is stamped.. RKs mom .. n she is asking Rishbala to go for honeymoon ? ? Radha says but why not. .n RK says..coz she would have left for Delhi… ! Radha ..thats why n todays incident? RK says yes.. dun want Sultan to trouble Radha..!
Radha asks RK …if for a moment ..he believed what Sultan says is truth?? RK says impossible.. ! Radha says. .then why worry…! She says.. she knows.. Mohan had only two precious people.. Radha n RK n they trust him so much.. so dun matter who says what..! Madhu says.. it mattered..she was affected..! Radha says..coz of RK.. he troubles her..!
Radha tells Rishbala next day morning they are going for their honeymoon …n asks them to pack bags..! Madhu resists. .but Radha insists..! RK tells Radha if she cant fall asleep..he will get vodka bottle for her. .n Radha chides him!
Bittu tells RK that cant believe Sultan dared such a thing.. how can he? He asks what to do next? RK says.. havan pooja has to wait..coz the dirt being thrown to ruin the pooja has to be cleaned! RK says.Sultan crossed limits to ruin the pooja n its punishment will be beyond limits too..!
Bittu asks what he plans ?? Also dunno where Sultan is? RK says.. wherever he is outside this world.. will drag him! Know what to do! Madhu overhears it all …!
Part 2
Bittu leaves on spotting Madhu..! Madhu asks RK what he knows? What he plans to do? Thot he forgot it all … Madhu dabs RKs wound.. n RK stops her.! Madhu says. sorry.. ! RK asks why sorry? Madhu says…coz if today Sultan is in their life..its coz of her.. he hurt him … talked like this..!
RK says.. he is a goonda. ..and his livelihood runs on beating someone n technically he hit him back..! RK says.. he could have come and talked to him in privacy..! Madhu asks if he is ready to talk to Sultan?
RK says. .hate Sultan but would have talked to him …after all forgave him for coming to our home on our wedding day…! Madhu asks if RK will listen to him?
Part 3
RK says.. no use.. now..! Sultan says..she will talk to Sultan..n he will agree..! Madhu leaves n RK calls Bittu …n tells him he is meeting Sultan later in the night..!
Bittu asks if he is sure? RK says.. after what Sultan has done.. .he is gonna do such a thing with Sultan.. even he is not sure..what..!
Precap — Madhu asks Sultan why he cant talk to RK? Sultan replies to Madhu .. no one can talk to RK n Madhu says.. talked to RK n he is ready to talk n requests him to talk to RK..! Sultan agrees..! Madhu thanks him!
Part 1
Sultan (in black vest/ trackies) is feeding Meera… while she plays with the toy..! She smiles suddenly and Sultan smiles watching her..! Meera asks what is this.. kids dun feed parents. .rather parents feed kids..! Sultan is about to feed Meera when she says..she should feed him n takes the spoon from Sultan n feeds him instead…! She again is lost looking at the toy n rues that her kid is too small …he cant eat.. dal chawal roti..! Sultan is about to feed Meera when his moby rings..its Madhu…! Sultan cuts the call …! Madhu tries again..! Sultan gets up and puts the phone away. n goes n sits with Meera.! Aryan comes in the room…! He sees the moby and sees its Madhu calling! Aryan receives the call before Sultan can stop him!
Aryan says Madhu n Madhu says how are u? Aryan says.. he is angry on her..for not coming to meet him! He asks if she is angry? Madhu says not at all ..! She asks how is he? Aryan says good..! Sultan calls out to Aryan n asks him to handover the moby to him! Aryan tells Madhu that someone has come to their home.. n that Sultan says..she is Aryans granny n Sultans mom! Sultan chides Aryan n Meera stops him n says.. talk nicely to kids…dun scold! Sultan comes to Aryan n asks for the phone n Aryan gives the moby to him..! Sultan sends Aryan to Kaka…!
Sultan says hello…and Madhu says.. Sultan ! Sultan says.. that if Madhu has called to give advice then Madhu better stay away from this n not interfere..! Madhu asks Sultan why is he talking to her like this? Sultan says..coz she is not related to this so she better stay out of this! Madhu says.. RK is her hubby so she is related to all this..! Madhu tells Sultan that whatever happened with his mom is wrong.. n she sympathies.. but what he knows.. or believes may not be true..! Sultan looks at Meera.. n then replies..its all true.. it may be regrettable but Mohan Kundra is his dad..! Madhu asks Sultan if he cant sit with RK n talk so all will be ok? Sultan asks..he n her Sultan says.. No one can talk to RK ..coz RK never lets anyone talk… ! He says… RK wont agree to meet n talk ! Madhu says..RK is ready.. to talk! Madhu says.. its about RKs dad… his repute.. n RK doesnt want…any blot on his dads name.. ! She says..that she has talked to RK n he is ready so is Sultan ready? Sultan is quiet..! Madhu requests Sultan to meet RK n talk ..once..! Sultan fumes.. but looks at Meera n says.. ok..! Madhu says thanks..!
RK (black tshirt/trousers)-Madhu (green saree) arrive outside Sitara studio .! Its raining..! Madhu thanks him ..for agreeing with her n meeting Sultan! RK says.. Sultan agreed too..! Madhu thanks him for .letting her come with him! Bittu calls RK n he replies that all is ok ..n says thanks! Madhu asks RK if he will be calm? RK says.. till Sultan is calm ..he will be calm too… else.. if he starts something…RK will react! Madhu says.. all will be well . .n it was just a small misunderstanding so all will be ok! RK hugs Madhu n says..yes all will be ok . Madhu says..her heart says so…!! RK says.. if it wont be ok ..he will make it ok!
Sultan (blue tshirt/trousers) arrives in his car..! He is walking in the rain towards RKs car n RK watches Sultan walk towards his car ..thru the mirror… but keeps hugging Madhu! Sultan knocks on RKs car window n RK turns to Sultan.. while hugging Madhu..! Sultan knocks again n Madhu notices .. n rolls down the car window..! Sultan says.. wanted to talk? Madhu says..thanks.. for agreeing to meet.. n asks him to come inside..! Another car arrives …! RK gets out of his car…! Madhu sees Bittu …!! RK asks her to leave for home.. n asks her to stay with Radha..! RK tells Madhu that he will fulfill his promise.. so she rather go home n says whatever will happen will happen between Sultan n him ..n that its best that it stays between them …! Sultan tells Madhu to go. .as its between them..! RK tells Sultan ..not to talk inbetween..! Madhu says.. RK promised that..he will be calm..! RK says. he is calm..! RK asks Madhu to go home n Bittu asks Madhu to come with him ..! Madhu leaves.. unsurely.. but keeps glancing at the duo…! She gets in the car n Bittu drives off with her…! RK watches Madhu drive off !
Sultan tells RK that he is surprised that RK is ready to talk to him about this..! RK says..he can be very calm .. if required… he asks if they can start.. to talk ..calmly? RK says..he will start first..! Sultan sits by RKs side on the car bonnet… (RKs car)! Sultan says..fine.. RK can start. .since it doesnt matter who starts.. ..what matters is on whose word it ends ..! RK says.. there is nothing attached to Sultans name..that can give him identity so he wants to attach ‘Kundra’ to his name???..! Sultan tells RK not to be so proud of this name.. its not a matter of pride.. but shame..! RK says..his talk is not over..its an allegation not question!
RK says..Sultan wants to be part of this family … what did he think ..before playing this game? RK says… that just coz he din get Madhu so ..he is playing this game to get Madhu? Sultan says..this is not related to Madhu !! RK is..! RK says.. this all started coz of revenge.. coz of Sultans desire to get Madhu .. ! He says… he can see it in Sultans eyes..! Sultan glares at RK..! RK asks Sultan what he thot …that by making this story …n telling Madhu her heart will melt. n he will get her sympathy n then her love? Sultan fumes..! RK tells Sultan .. Madhu is his wife.. n she loves RK not Sultan! Sultan tells RK ..that.. Madhu is not related to this..! RK points to Sultans eyes n says..can see in the eyes.. can see the desire to get Madhu…! Sultan says.. he knew RK had come to say all this. but thot that maybe Madhu made him understand.. made him feel what all Sultans mom went thru..! That Madhu…made RK open his eyes .. n see Mohan Kundras torture on Meera..! RK gets up from the car bonnet n says… he doesnt care what happened to Sultans mom 30 years ago…but after 30 years fine day… someone comes n says..he is Late Mohan Kundras son… ?? RK tells Sultan he is a knowledgeable guy. .so he should make a good story.. .! RK says…Sultan wants to get Madhu by being part of the Kundra family ..! RK says..he feels ..funny .. on the story! Sultan fumes and says.. the thing that is just a story for RK being faced by his mom since 30 years..! Sultan says…Mohan Kundra may be an ideal.. man, hubby and father in RKs eyes… .but for Sultans mom he was no more than a cheater.. liar..and a shallow person!
Part 2
Sultan fumes on RK n tells .. if RK thought. Sultan is telling a story. .then why did he make the effort to come there? RK says.. coz it was needed.. aka needed to stop him! Sultan asks so what did RK think.. by insulting Sultan .he will stop him? Sultan comments that he used to think RK was intelligent.! RK says… he is right.. RK is intelligent..! He knows Sultan doesnt have fear of losing respect but has fear of losing freedom! Right then Cops arrive at the place.! Sultan turns n watches..cops surround him..! Sultan glares at RK n RK smirks.. at him!
Part 3
RK tells Sultan .. that stopping is now the compulsion of Mumbai ke Sultan! RK tells cops ..that .. here is the goon…take him away..! RK says.. today morning he fought with me.. earlier he had forcefully entered Rishbala wedding and also threatened his wife..! He says..there are many more files to be opened..but this is it for now!… RK tells Sultan that..he can be very calm ..n composed.. but ..tonight was about being crooked. .coz.. one has to be crooked. with such people..! Sultan is handcuffed n taken away! Sultan glares at RK while walking towards the cops jeep..! RK sits back on his cars bonnet..! After the cops drive off, Sultan says… Biwi.. had promised..that will talk calmly …so well he din even raise his hand..! RK smiles..!
Precap — Madhu ( in her red kurti/white paijamas) asks RK (in grey tee-shirt/trackies)..what did they talk? Madhu asks..they must have talked something… else why would he (Sultan) come to the puja! RK shushes Madhu..! Madhu says.. RK is hiding something… n asks him to tell .. how did the matter get resolved?
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