How to Begin Bread Supply Business in Nigeria

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Begin Bread Supply Business

In Nigeria, bread is one of the major food consumed at breakfast or as a snack. It could be served with tea, cold drink or beans therefore creating a high demand for the food.

Begin Bread Supply Business 2

Bread is eaten by Nigerian families at least once a day either as breakfast or dinner and can be eaten in various forms with varieties of spices.

The high consumption of bread has created a high level of demand for the food, there is no tribe, religious group, race etc. that does not eat bread.

The Sliced Bread has wider appeal and better quality making it the type you should try opt for, not everyone buys and eat the local (agege) bread.

Almost every home eats the sliced bread because its of a higher quality.

Requirements to Begin Bread Supply Business.

1. Create your own Market.

As a supplier, you’ll have to create a market for your goods, you need to be mobile as a supplier and also get a good customer relationship.

As a wholesaler you’ll need much more retailers for more sales i.e more retailers = more sales = more returns. Try to build a good relationship with all your customers.

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2. A good Transport system.

To convey your goods from one place to another you’ll need a vehicle.

Begin Bread Supply Business

Since the business is mobile, a good means of transporting the goods (bread) is needed, you’ll need to reach your potential buyers scattered all over the country. Motorcycles, Tricycles or Motor cars, buses can be used.

3. Start with a good bread.

You can start supplying bread of high quality loved by the people, choose a particular brand (either one or two) consumed in large quantity in that area which you supply.

Begin Bread Supply Business

Get a good brand accepted by the majority (people) in the area you supply.

4. A shop.

The question in your mind now could be, “why do I need a shop?”. Although your business nature is mobile, you still need a shop.

A shop serves as an offloading point for your bread and also a place you store the unsold bread for later distribution. Consumers living nearby can also come to your shop to buy bread.

5. Supply good Brand

Begin Bread Supply Business 36

Before getting a particular brand you want to specialize in, you’ll need to carry out a market survey.

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The market survey will give you an idea of what the consumers choice and preference.

Also it will make you know the type of bread they like, either it is sliced, round, local bread, etc to avoid supplying amiss.

To get the contact of your desired manufacturer, check the label there you’ll see the contact address and phone number of the bakery.

6. Visit the Bakery.

After getting a good brand, you should go to the bakery. Visit the manager of the bakery in person and discuss or negotiate the franchise.

The negotiation will determine how much you purchase each bread from the bakery.

Getting to the bakery will also make it possible to negotiate the terms for bringing the bread to your shop.

Begin Bread Supply Business

Therefore, you won’t need to visit the Bakery whenever you need supply, all you have to do is order while they do the supply.

7. Get more Retailers and Buyers.

The next step to take is getting much retailers and buyers, since you just started the business and need to reach more people you need to device strategy.

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Begin Bread Supply Business

You can decide to reduce the price of the bread by N5 or N10, since the retailers want to maximize profit they will definitely go for your supply.

With time after you must have gotten much buyers you can decide to return the price to normal.

Also meet shops nearby and negotiate business with them, and also the amount of bread they want.

Then for a start buy the quantity your customers demanded or a bit larger and increase the quantity with time and based on returns.

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