How to Boost Breast Milk Production Naturally

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How can I Boost Breast Milk Production Naturally? Is one of the pressing issues to many Nigerian women. Shortage of breast milk can be remedied with the use of food substances especially those that posses the mammy gland thereby producing the required amount of food.

Boost breast milk production naturally

Local Foods to Boost Breast milk Production Naturally

1. Pap

Many Nigerian women take pap after giving birth, in-fact it is a norm to serve a woman who just put to birth pap. Pap (akamu) helps stimulate milk production because of its watery nature.

2. Carrots.

Looking for a way to boost your breast milk naturally, both in quantity and quality? Carrot is the answer. They posses Vitamin A which enhance lactation and also improve the milk quality.

Carrot is a good source of beta-carotene (helps increase breast milk supply), for new born babies beta-carotene is needed for overall growth. Carrots also contain minerals and nutrients required by nursing mothers.

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3. Garlic.

Garlic posses properties that helps with breast milk production. It also helps digestion and also protects against infection.

Garlic could be eaten raw either by roasting, blending, chopping, etc., introducing it to the body will boost milk supply.

According to research, nursing mothers that consumes more of garlic feed their baby longer, also the little ones like the flavor garlic adds to the milk.

4. Cow Milk

Cow milks are also good sources of breast milk. In Nigeria, you can get a pure cow milk directly from the Fulanis. The Fulanis prepare fura (a Northern recipe) using cow milk.

5. Oatmeal.

Oat meal helps digestion and also assist to control weight gained during the pregnancy period. They also posses amazing lactating properties that ensures constant milk supply.

Oatmeal contains iron and most a times iron deficiency leads to less breast milk production.


Many women enjoy oat meal therefore eating oatmeal will serve as a means of reducing stress and relaxation.

6. Potassium

The use of raw Potassium (Koun) can also help with milk supply. The potassium can be gotten easily and then taken with pap at-least once a day.

Papaya (pawpaw) is rich in potassium and can also be taken instead.
Take everything moderately and probably seek for doctor’s or any professional advice.

Taking it excessively is not advice-able. You don’t want the after effect to be on your baby, therefore gauge what you take into your body.

7. Warm Massage.

Low circulation of blood can also result to inadequate supply of breast milk. You need a warm massage before feeding the baby, this will increase the flow of blood around/to the breast.

You may decide to massage the breast for about 5-10 minutes before feeding your baby.

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Helpful Natural Tips to Boost Breast milk Production Naturally

1. Drink enough water daily.

2. Increase the intake of calorie and probably follow nutritious diet.

3. Ensure you feed your baby frequently.

4. Breast feed the little one until the breast is empty, then switch to the other breast.

5. Pump milk using a breast pump for about 15-20 mins daily. This will boost breast supply.

6. Don’t smoke/drink during the period of breast feeding.




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