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Complete Guide to Start Chin chin Business in Nigeria

Chin chin is a widely eaten snack in Nigeria probably due to how crunchy it is and the satisfaction derived from consuming it. Chin chin business is very lucrative as both the young and old consume it on a regular basis. The business could be started with little capital, skills and man-power. Chin chins could […]

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How To Start Grasscutter Farming Business In Nigeria (Beginner’s Guide)

complete guide to grasscutter farming

Grasscutter farming is one of the fastest growing animal business in Nigeria and Africa at large. The physical appearance of a grasscutter is similar to a smaller porcupine. Grasscutter farming business in Nigeria comes with loads of benefits. You may want to know how lucrative the business is, how to start, how profitable, challenges of, […]

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How To Be Successful Rice Distributor In Nigeria

Be a good rice distributor

Looking for a business you’ll like to start in Nigeria? Are you a business minded person looking for what to supply in the country? You may want to consider rice distribution (supply) business in the country. Almost all the household in Nigeria consume rice at least once in two days this means the demand for rice […]

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How To Start Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria (Plans & Techniques)

how to do catfish farming in nigeria

Catfish farming in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing farming in the country. Catfish accounts for one of the most consumed fishes in the Nigeria. Many Young farmers in the country neglect catfish business. Unknown to them there are many financial opportunities associated with the business. Catfish farming is among the most profitable fish […]

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How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria (Wholesale/ Retail)

Start Recharge card printing business in Nigeria

The Recharge Card printing Business is one source of making money people overlook. Recharge cards (airtime) are bought daily by over 50 million Nigerians. Recharge card printing a lucrative business in the country. The recharge card printing business requires little capital to run. I can even start the business with my phone and of course […]

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How to Make Money in Nigeria 2018 (5 Great Ideas that pay)

Five business ideas to make money 2018

The country’s situation has called for entrepreneurship and now everyone want money. People make the mistake of depending on capital to run their ideas. There are easier ways of making money without solely depending on capital. Every day we come across money making ideas in Nigeria. I mean lots of ideas are available for us […]

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SWIFT codes are mainly used to identify a particular Bank when an international transaction(s) is taking place while IBAN identifies the account of the individual involved in the transaction. Both the SWIFT code and the IBAN are very essential to a successful running of the international financial market. Diamond Bank Plc SWIFT Code in Nigeria […]

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