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How to Easily Clean White Shoe Sole and Lace

Clean white shoe lace

What is the latest fashion trend? While answering this question, am sure White-soled shoes would be among your top 5. The major problem is maintaining these white soled-shoes and ensure they remain in good condition. No matter how old your shoes may look you’ll still want them appear presentable #2 This article will suggest simple […]

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How to Make Rat Trap using a Water Bottle

Build a rat trap

Rats are small destructive rodents that don’t stop until they get what they smell, they go as far as destroying valuables and other important materials just to get what they want at that moments. This rodents need to be stopped. Have you tried ways of stopping this little creatures with other traps, equipment and devices […]

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How to Wash Snails and Remove Slime easily

Every person have different cleaning agents for washing snails, the particular one you use doesn’t matter all you need is a snail free from dirt. Today we’ll discuss different cleaning agents and how they can be used to prepare snails. Tips to wash snail clean The following are cleaning agents used to wash snails clean […]

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How to Prepare Amala

The Amala is indigenous to the Yoruba ethnic group, located at the western parts of the country (Nigeria). If you are an indigenes, or you base within the Yoruba region you must be familiar with the food. The amala is “incomplete” without the ewedu soup amid stew and assorted meat (Goat or Beef). The food […]

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How to Prepare the Nigerian Buns

Preparing the Nigerian Buns requires more skills and mastery unlike the puff puff. Perhaps you were unable to get it right the first trial, with continuous practice it becomes easier in no time. Most people enjoy the crunchy outer shell of the buns, though i prefer the dough especially when it appears fluffy. NB: To […]

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How to Make the Perfect Homemade Burger

They say, “a cook is defined by the taste of the meal”. You may wonder how some burgers just get to taste better than the others luckily I have a secrete recipe and today we’ll learn how to prepare a tasty Burger. It’s not difficult all you have to do is follow the simple technique […]

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How to Make Homemade Washing Powder

Make Homemade Washing Powder: Have you tried washing a pot after cooking with a coal stove? What was the experience? Washing coal out of the back of the pot could be very difficult especially cooking on a fire not regulated. The strength, skills and sweat used to wash the pot answers the above question. To […]

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How to Prepare Homemade Cake

Prepare homemade cake

Prepare Homemade Cake: Looking for what you and your family will spend the time doing this weekend? The home made cake will definitely help with that. The homemade cake has a unique taste, and also can be used as weekend special recipe. Prepare Homemade Cake The homemade cake is one of the easiest recipes on […]

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How to Prepare HomeMade Shoe Polish

Making a homemade polish. Shoes and other leather footwears appear shiny ans last longer when polish is applied. Getting a polish could be expensive, but you won’t need to spend your money to get one. make homemade polish You can make your own homemade polish all by yourself. Homemade polish is natural, environmentally friendly and […]

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