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How To Start Grasscutter Farming Business In Nigeria (Beginner’s Guide)

complete guide to grasscutter farming

Grasscutter farming is one of the fastest growing animal business in Nigeria and Africa at large. The physical appearance of a grasscutter is similar to a smaller porcupine. Grasscutter farming business in Nigeria comes with loads of benefits. You may want to know how lucrative the business is, how to start, how profitable, challenges of, […]

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How To Be Successful Rice Distributor In Nigeria

Be a good rice distributor

Looking for a business you’ll like to start in Nigeria? Are you a business minded person looking for what to supply in the country? You may want to consider rice distribution (supply) business in the country. Almost all the household in Nigeria consume rice at least once in two days this means the demand for rice […]

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How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria (Wholesale/ Retail)

Start Recharge card printing business in Nigeria

The Recharge Card printing Business is one source of making money people overlook. Recharge cards (airtime) are bought daily by over 50 million Nigerians. Recharge card printing a lucrative business in the country. The recharge card printing business requires little capital to run. I can even start the business with my phone and of course […]

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How to Make Money in Nigeria 2018 (5 Great Ideas that pay)

Five business ideas to make money 2018

The country’s situation has called for entrepreneurship and now everyone want money. People make the mistake of depending on capital to run their ideas. There are easier ways of making money without solely depending on capital. Every day we come across money making ideas in Nigeria. I mean lots of ideas are available for us […]

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How To Sell iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria

Where to Sell iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria: Due to the rate as which Nigerian youths get and use i-phones, iTunes gift cards are now cool source of making mney. The iTunes cards credit can be used for purchases from iTunes store,  App store, iBook Stores anytime you are signed in using the same Apple […]

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How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig – 4 Simple Tips.

rank your fiverr gig

Rank Your Fiverr Gig – After creating a Fiverr account/profile, the next step on any users’ mind is to start ranking. Since you’ve created your perfect gig account, definitely you’ll be looking for relevant search terms that appears in the Fiverr results. Don’t have a Fiver account, Click Here To Join!!!!! Fiverr has grown and […]

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How to Start Profitable Small Business

Start Profitable Small Business: Due to the nature of the Nigerian economy and job system entrepreneurship has become the talk for the day. Mr. President and governors advised unemployed youth to be creative and start a work of their own. Start Profitable Small Business,  Starting your own business will definitely give you huge return. This […]

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