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How to Fry Eggs with Tomatoes – Easy Steps

Fry eggs with tomatoes

Eggs are eaten by many enjoyed by so many but not everyone knows how to prepare eggs. Eggs are normally served as breakfast and is one of the fastest prepared recipe. Eggs can be prepared in 10 minutes under medium. Eggs could be eaten alone or served with bread, fried or boiled yam/potatoes. etc. Today […]

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How to Prepare Amala

The Amala is indigenous to the Yoruba ethnic group, located at the western parts of the country (Nigeria). If you are an indigenes, or you base within the Yoruba region you must be familiar with the food. The amala is “incomplete” without the ewedu soup amid stew and assorted meat (Goat or Beef). The food […]

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How to Prepare the Nigerian Buns

Preparing the Nigerian Buns requires more skills and mastery unlike the puff puff. Perhaps you were unable to get it right the first trial, with continuous practice it becomes easier in no time. Most people enjoy the crunchy outer shell of the buns, though i prefer the dough especially when it appears fluffy. NB: To […]

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How to Make Pounded Yam With a Stand Mixer

In Nigeria, pounded yam fufu is loved and enjoy by many, due to its unique texture. Although not everyone can afford it due to the current cost of yam, the consumption and familiarity is gradually reducing. Preparing the pounded yam through the widely known traditional way (mortar and pestle) requires a lot of energy and […]

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How to Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria

Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria: The Nigerian Salad is peculiar as it can be served and enjoyed on its own or as a side-dish to many Nigerian dishes. The salad is peculiar that it is not prepared in other places as it is in Nigeria. Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria Required ingredients. 1. One medium […]

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How to Prepare Delicious Okra Soup

The okra soup is in fact one soups ethnic groups in Nigeria enjoy, both the Hausas (they call it Miyan Kubewa), Yoruba and of course the Igbos find the soup delicious due to its unique draw nature and taste. This is indeed among the fastest and the probably the simplest Nigerian soup to prepare. Prepare […]

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How to prepare Nigerian zobo drink.

The Zobo Drink. The Nigerian Zobo (Roselle) drink is prepared from dried Roselle flowers. The Nigerian Zobo drink has a unique sour taste and can be prepared using sugar and/or other sweetners such as Nutri-C. Artificial flavours can also be added. Although most Nigerians who enjoy this drink preffer it as natural as it can […]

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How to prepare ewedu soup

The Ewedu soup. The ewedu soup is indigenous to the Yoruba ethnic group, found in the western part of Nigeria. This food also is used in Yoruba traditional ceremonies and notable occasions such as weddings, birthdays, Oba coronation, and more. Today, we’ll be learning how the Yoruba ewedu soup is prepared. I enjoyed the ewedu […]

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GRILLING CHICKEN. The chicken is one of the most used meat in preparing many Nigerian recipes, especially rice recipes (either jollof or fried). It is used when making stew and many Nigerian homes prefer using chicken for making soup. Chicken can as well be enjoyed as snack with a chilled drink. season and grill chicken […]

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