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Panasonic P90 Mobile Full Specification, Review and Price

Panasonic P90 full specifications

Today, we’ll be reviewing a very peculiar Android smartphone with superb features. The Panasonic P90 mobile phone, comes with amazing features. The full specifications and details of Panasonic P90 we’ll be covered with this article. We’ll also be discussing the the price of Panasonic P90 price in KSA, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nigeria. As we […]

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How to Block Stolen Phones Using Device IMEI number

Block your stolen phone using IMEI

I’ve received requests to write an article on how to block Android phones after they are stolen using their IMEI number. So finally, I found a solution. People’s phones get stolen everyday and now thanks to technological advancement our mobile phones are now part of our lives. Many personal informations, documents, passwords, data, and more […]

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 Full Specifications and Price in Naira and Dollar

Xiaomi Redmi 6 is equipped with Al-enhanced camera to suit today’s fashion style. This article will reveal the full Xiaomi Redmi 6 Prices and Specifications as 5.45-inch, 720P display coupled with 18:9 aspect ratio, Fingerprint Scanner located at the back (rear), dual back (reara) camera, Battery capacity of 3,000mAh, and much more. The device features […]

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How to Identity the Best Power Bank For Your Phone

Power banks are very important especially in areas with epileptic power supply. Owning a Power Bank is very necessary as it comes to the rescue whenever your battery runs down or is faulty. Since many Producers of phone accessories have emerged selecting the right power bank for your device could be a bit “difficult”. Power […]

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How to Fix There was a problem communicating with Google servers error on Android

Fix communication error

The Problem of “Communicating with Google Servers” usually happens on that moment you want to a want to make use of applications that requires google access. Since connecting to Google servers are needed, in most cases the application will not run as expected. But today, with the help of this article, we’ll learn to bypass/fix […]

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How to Fix an Android Device that keeps freezing and/or not responding

fix phone freezing

One of the most annoying android malfunctions is the Freezing of Device. I have received much complaints on the matter and the truth is it can really be frustrating. Most often this problem set in during the device startup or when the mobile data is Switched ON. This article will fix freezing issues on Android […]

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How to Hide Files on Android Smart Phones | Step by step guide to hide your Files on Android

How do you feel when somone holds your Android phone, the heart beats and wishes that comes up that few minutes, well everyone has one or two important/private files on their device. Due to the upgrade in technology, we can now save our details on our mobile devices as we can use them to pay […]

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How to Make Smartphone Battery Last Longer

How Can I Make My Android Battery Life Last Longer? Have you though on ways to improve your hone battery and didn’t get any result? This article will reveal tips to improve the life of your battery and boost the performance. Many Android devices come with battery of 4000mAh, 4500mAh even 10000mAh and still you […]

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How to Play Computer Games on Your Smartphones

play computer games

Play Computer Games on Smart Phones: Howdy, for game lovers there is yet another interesting way to make your gaming experience more memorable, entertaining, fulfilling etc. If it has been your wish to control games like Batman, The warriors of legends, Devil may cry, farmer’s dynasty, immortals, PES 2018, FIFA 2018 and more on your […]

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How to Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android

Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android: The android phone is good at displaying error messages, but today we will be tackling one of the “annoying errors” that pops up. Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android The “can’t connect to camera issue on android device” is becoming one of the error on android devices […]

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