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How to Fry Eggs with Tomatoes – Easy Steps

Fry eggs with tomatoes

Eggs are eaten by many enjoyed by so many but not everyone knows how to prepare eggs. Eggs are normally served as breakfast and is one of the fastest prepared recipe. Eggs can be prepared in 10 minutes under medium. Eggs could be eaten alone or served with bread, fried or boiled yam/potatoes. etc. Today […]

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How to Wash Snails and Remove Slime easily

Every person have different cleaning agents for washing snails, the particular one you use doesn’t matter all you need is a snail free from dirt. Today we’ll discuss different cleaning agents and how they can be used to prepare snails. Tips to wash snail clean The following are cleaning agents used to wash snails clean […]

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How to Prepare the Nigerian Buns

Preparing the Nigerian Buns requires more skills and mastery unlike the puff puff. Perhaps you were unable to get it right the first trial, with continuous practice it becomes easier in no time. Most people enjoy the crunchy outer shell of the buns, though i prefer the dough especially when it appears fluffy. NB: To […]

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How to Get Taller Naturally without Pills.

Everybody wants to grow tall, due to lots of benefits attached. Although everbody cannot get tall due to genetic factors and other factors that affect growth. Height actually matters alot, and being tall comes with lots of benefits as well. Here in Nigeria, ladies prefer dating a tall guy compared to guys either average or […]

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How to Make the Perfect Homemade Burger

They say, “a cook is defined by the taste of the meal”. You may wonder how some burgers just get to taste better than the others luckily I have a secrete recipe and today we’ll learn how to prepare a tasty Burger. It’s not difficult all you have to do is follow the simple technique […]

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How to Make Pounded Yam With a Stand Mixer

In Nigeria, pounded yam fufu is loved and enjoy by many, due to its unique texture. Although not everyone can afford it due to the current cost of yam, the consumption and familiarity is gradually reducing. Preparing the pounded yam through the widely known traditional way (mortar and pestle) requires a lot of energy and […]

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How to Pass Mathematics in WAEC and NECO

The two Nigerian secondary school certificate examination West African Examination Council (WAEC) and NECO scares most Nigerian students especially the mathematics exams. Many Nigerian students see mathematics as a monster and a subject haunting their accademic perfomance. Personal contribution to faliure. The way you see a subject matters alot, mathematics is simple just like any […]

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How to Pass WAEC (Latest) 2019/2020 – 20 tips to write WAEC once

How to pass WAEC 2019: Every candidate writing WAEC examinations or any form of examination wants to pass although not everyone will. People fail WAEC examinations because of mistakes and reasons that could be avoided. I’ve outlined 20 tips that will be of great help while preparing and sitting for your Examinations. For you to […]

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How to Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria

Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria: The Nigerian Salad is peculiar as it can be served and enjoyed on its own or as a side-dish to many Nigerian dishes. The salad is peculiar that it is not prepared in other places as it is in Nigeria. Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria Required ingredients. 1. One medium […]

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How to Make Homemade Washing Powder

Make Homemade Washing Powder: Have you tried washing a pot after cooking with a coal stove? What was the experience? Washing coal out of the back of the pot could be very difficult especially cooking on a fire not regulated. The strength, skills and sweat used to wash the pot answers the above question. To […]

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