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WhatsApp Admin Can Now Restrict Group Members From Sending Messages

Finally, WhatsApp messenger added this feature that has been in the modified version, GBWhatsapp. WhatsApp has finally given group administrator the ability to prevent selected members from sending messages to the group. WhatsApp is a very popular messenger due to regulatory needs this feature has been added to the amazing WhatsApp Features. This latest capabilities […]

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WhatsApp To Stop Working with Older Versions of Android and iOS

WhatsApp messenger is among the most popular and used messaging application as it has gotten over 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store. The messenger application (WhatsApp) is owned by Facebook and now the owners have gotten to a conclusion to make WhatsApp stop running on some older versions of Android and iOS. Remember some […]

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How to Install two Whatsapp on your Android Smart Phone

Use dual Whatsapp on Android phones

How can I download dual whatsapp on my Android phone? Have you ever thought that it is actually possible to run two Whatsapp messenger applications on your mobile device without rooting or cloning the application? This is actually possible as you can use two Whatsapp messenger app at the same time on your device without […]

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How to Download Videos, Pictures and Gifs from Whatspp Status | No root required

How to Download Videos, Pictures and Gifs from Whatspp

Downloading videos from Whatsapp Smart Devices Due to the latest “update on Whatsapp messenger” users are looking for ways to “download status videos from their friends’ status“. You can now upload media (photos, gifs and videos) status from Whatsapp messenger. Due to users policy Whatsapp didn’t allow download button/link on the status. Whatsapp cares for […]

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How to recover deleted messages on Whatsapp.

The Whatsapp Message delete feature. Have you ever thought of a way to recover deleted messages on the whatsapp messenger? Whatsapp messages can be deleted either from both readers or your personal account. And also be recovered by both readers. This article will try to explain the recovery process after a message has been deleted. […]

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