How to Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan (with pictures).

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Getting to Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan.

Choosing your desired courses is easy but the question is are you choosing right? Many students go ahead choosing different courses as long as it has their level code. Students pick courses at random without proper knowledge, you don’t just pick ECO 101 because you are in 100 level doing that could cost you a lot. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan.

How to Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

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The course you choose determines your success and failure for the semester, everybody wants a good grade but you can’t achieve that by making the wrong choices especially the wrong courses. Good grades doesn’t come from reading and studying alone fellow UI students, it requires hard-work, patience and determination.

Choosing your desired courses in University of Ibadan.

This is where many students fail even before the lecture starts, you don’t just choose courses because your course-mates are choosing them, “Are you even sure they know what they chose?”. The following tips will be of great importance when you Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan;

1. Read the Departmental Prospectus.

Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan.

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In the Faculty of The Social sciences, U.I each student is given a Prospectus after he/she pays the Faculty dues. I discovered most students don’t read the Prospectus, all they do is to head for he page where the departmental courses and their codes where written. Try to read even if it is your departmental corner in the Prospectus know what you are about to do, DO NOT select courses if you don’t know anything about them. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

2. Fish out the compulsory and Elective courses.

How to Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

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How can this be done if you didn’t read the Faculty Prospectus? The Prospectus has the courses arranged in semesters, importance, levels, etc. There in the prospectus you’ll have access to the compulsory and elective courses for the semester/session. Know them, don’t just write them out and conclude you’are done with the registration. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

3. Go for Departmental Freshers Orientation and seminars.

Tips to Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan.

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How to pick the courses is often explained in details in departmental fresher’s seminars and orientations. Even if the Prospectus helped you select the courses you want attending the seminars is a must for you. The seminars and orientations hosted by your department executives will shed more light on what you read on the prospectus. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

4. Personally meet your executives.

Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

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Your departmental executives are also students and are all stalites with at least two years experience in the system. Meet them and ask them of the choices you made, whether it is wrong, needs amendment, etc. The executives will be of help when selecting the courses as they will also explain in details what you ask. The executives often wear tags (ask me tags) around the faculty during the registration hours. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

5. Choosing your borrowed courses.

Borrowed courses are courses you offer outside your department, borrowed courses could be a help your cgpa (sociology) or help you drain them (psychology). You have to be very careful when choosing your borrowed courses, go for the easier courses,For students in Faculty of The social sciences you may go for SOC 102, SOC 104, SOC 105, GEO 104. These courses are known to help you boost your CGPA. Meet the stalites (200 level) in the department you desire to borrow and ask them about the courses, for an idea of the courses. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

6. Borrowing courses outside the Faculty.

Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

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Many students borrow courses on faculty level that is from a department in another faculty. For instance an Economics student borrowing courses form Theater Arts, there are many courses in the department especially as a fresher going outside the Faculty could cost you a lot. During a lecture in 100 level we were advised not to borrow courses form other Faculties in the University, during the course of registration and exam recordings it undergoes lots of process to get the Department(s) and could get lost from one of those processes. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

7. Choosing your G.E.S courses.

Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

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Each departments have their own G.E.S for the semester but Freshers must offer this two in the Faculty of the Social sciences, GES 101 – Use of English and GES 107 – Reproduction, HIV and AIDS.

Go to the General Studies Programme (G.S.P) to discover the courses you’ll offer that semester, check the notice board at least once in two days. On the notice board you’ll see the courses you’ll offer each semesters. Choose Courses in University Of Ibadan

Tips to choose your departmental courses for the session.

1. Don’t just accept any thing your Friends say, confirm them on the Notice Board.
2. Consult your department executives when you get confused.
3. Ask your course advisers and executives questions only.
4. Attend every fresher orientation in the University Community.
5. Get the phone numbers of your executives.

Stalites reading this post we can use your help, drop any contribution on the comment session .
Freshers with questions drop them on the comment session, we’ll attend to them shortly.
Freshers I suggest you bookmark this page to get back to it easily.

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