Complete Guide to Start Chin chin Business in Nigeria

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Chin chin is a widely eaten snack in Nigeria probably due to how crunchy it is and the satisfaction derived from consuming it. Chin chin business is very lucrative as both the young and old consume it on a regular basis. The business could be started with little capital, skills and man-power.
Chin chins could be packaged in different ways either in nylons, plastic containers, rubber cups or any form of take away. People care less about the packing and more on the quality of satisfaction. This snack is enjoyed by Nigerians irrespective of their class, age, culture or even religion. It is one of the generally eaten snacks as well as buns, puff, akara (bean cake) and others.

starting up a chin chin business

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In some cases Chin chin is served on ceremonies and occasions such as birthdays, personality lecture, child’s naming, house-warming, etc.

Starting the business in Nigeria is one idea you shouldn’t ignore, as you can make cool money out of this business with just little investment. In this article, we’ll cover the following;

  • How to start chin chin business in Nigeria.
  • Requirements to start Chin chin Business.

How to Start Chin chin Business in Nigeria

Whatsoever business you are thinking or planning on establishing, you need to know the basis before venturing. If not the business could crumble even without yielding profit. The first step to take to start a business is planning.

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Most of us familiar with this word but don’t make use of it. The question now is What is a plan? Based on the English Dictionary, “A plan is a set of intended actions usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal”. Planning makes the job easier and look professional. Some people see plans as missions an objectives. To plan your business gives you a set out pattern to follow.

Requirements to Start a Chin chin Business in Nigeria

If you’ve made up your mind to sell a chin chin business in Nigeria you’ll need the below requirements, even those who are already in the business, this tips will be of great assistance.

A good location

In every business location is one of the business strategies and as a matter of fact location can also determine the business productivity. Where you start your business should be one of your planning priorities. It can have a positive impact on your business or otherwise. Chin chin is eaten almost by every Nigerian citizen right, what if you start your business in areas with very low demand. Surveys will be of great assistance to determine where you start your business.

A start-up Capital

Many Nigerians with smart business ideas get discouraged all because of startup capital. What if I tell you, not to worry much about the start-up capital. You can start the business with a little capital. You may want to ask, how can I get a shop? What if I tell you to start your business right from home. Of course, you can start your chin chin business from home and then supply to shops, occasions or homes. When you’ve gotten a wide market and also enough capital you may decide to get a shop.

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The Basic tools and Equipment

If you are starting from home, most of the equipment are already in your kitchen. But if you are starting a shop, you’ll need the following equipment;

For Large scale Production

  • Chin-Chin Plant – This flats the dough after mixing and cut horizontal and vertical as much as it can in seconds in your desired length. You can buy one for N650,000
  • Chin-chin Cutter -This cuts horizontal and vertical as many as possible in your desired sizes within seconds after flattening it with Milling Machine. The price is just N350,000
  • Flatting Machine – This has the objective of flatting the dough after mixing. You can get it for just N250,000.00
  • Blender Mixer – You can use this to mix flour of about 10kg – 50kg within 20 minutes. The Price is just N620,000.
  • Meat Grinder – Price N250,000
  • Stainless Working Table – Price N97,000
  • Industrial Burner – Ideal for industrial Oven, Steam Boiler or Dryer – Price N150,000

If you are interested in buying any of the above Chin chin Equipment or more just click on this link to get started

For Small Scale Production

You’ll need tools such as

  • Frying Pan
  • Gas cooker, Electric cooker, or Stove.
  • Bowls.
  • Cutter table.
  • Baking sheets etc.
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Like I earlier stated, these equipment are common in the kitchen, all you need is to utilize them. Without the complete set of tools, you may not run the business effectively.

The Ingredients for making Chin chin

These are the basic ingredients for making chin chin

  • All purpose flour.
  • Evaporated milk / Powdered milk.
  • Granulated sugar.
  • Margarine.
  • Medium nutmegs |Ground nutmeg
  • Vegetable Oil.

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Employee will be of Great Help

No matter how small the business is, you can’t do everything alone easily. The business will need a supplier, manager, person in charge of the preparation and packing and more. This of course calls for division of labour, doing it alone will definitely wear you down. Get people to handle the positions and see your business progress. Employing people will also increase the yield and returns since many people are involved. Just like the popular saying, two heads are better than one.

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