How to connect smart TV to the Internet

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Connect Smart TV to the Internet (online)
Due to increased technology advancement, the Smart TV is gradually taking over and this indeed is the future of television. Smart TV makes it easier to surf the internet without the aid of mobile devices, Laptop Computers.

connect smart TV to the Internet

Easy steps to connect smart TV to the Internet

It can also be used for playing online video games, connect to social media, share WLAN (WiFi network) and lots more.

connect smart TV to the Internet.

All these benefits are all in one way or the other attached to the internet, this means internet connection is a must and this post will be your guide on how your Smart TV can be connected to the internet (online).

Streaming is one characteristics of the television I like, You can stream music, videos, football matches and highlights, comedy skits and more on websites such as YouTube, Netflix and related sites.

Tips to connect smart TV to the Internet (online)

This tutorial will cover two methods in which your smart TV can be connected to the internet (online). They include the,

1. Wireless connection method.

2. Wired connection method.

The wireless connection method. As the name implies, the transmitting will be made without the use of wires and cables.

The WiFi is required for this method to be possible, cables and wires are not needed therefore it is neater and more preferred. Also your smart TV must support WiFi technology.

Any hot-spot will do the job, be it a mifi, a router, your smart device hot-spot feature or from any other source.

For smartphone users ensure your device has a reliable 4G LTE connection if not you are bound to experience slow network connection and lots of buffering and stuttering is to be expected from your television.

How to connect smart TV to the internet using the WiFi feature.

The following steps will guide you connect your smart TV to the internet (online).

Depending on the TV brand the name and connection process, might have a little changes with the given step but the steps still remains the same.

1. Create a “hot-spot connection” using any hot-spot enabled device.

2. Hit the “menu button” on your TV remote controller.

3. Locate and select “Network and Network settings

4. The TV should begin “connection attempt” to available wireless network.

5. It will “attempt connecting” to your hot-spot, if it connects successfully skip the next step.

6. Select “Set up a wireless connection“.

7. There you’ll see the list of available network(s), their names and signal strength. select your network.

8. If the WLAN network requires password to connect, type password using the keypad on the remote controller.

The wired connection method.

Unlike the wireless (former), wires (LAN) and Ethernet cables are required.

The cables and wires are connected from router to your smart TV directly. This method enhances faster internet speed and little or less interruptions.

Under normal conditions the wired connection better in connection and internet speed.

How to connect smart TV to the internet using the wired feature.

1. Locate the Ethernet or LAN port located at the back of your smart TV.

2. Plug cable into the LAN port on your TV and then plug it on the router also.

3. Select the Menu button on your smart TV remote controller.

4. Locate and select Network >> Settings.

5. Your smart TV should attempt connecting to a wireless network.

6. If the connection was not successful or if it was unable to locate one it will attempt connecting to your WLAN.

NB. If it does not attempt any connection, skip this step

7. Select the option to enable wired internet and click Start Connection.

8. Finally, Your smart TV is connected to the internet.

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