Download QueenCee VPN v9 Gravity and other Versions Ultra Lite for Android

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The Queencee Handler VPN application latest update for Android devices is available for download. Queencee VPN Android app is an application which provide people with free browsing tricks. The Queencee VPN application can be used to change device IP address to another country’s. This application has been available for a while now on Android devices. Many Android Users have testified that this latest version of Queencee VPN is better than the previous versions.

Older versions of Queencee VPN

Let’s review the older versions of Queencee VPN before heading for the latest version v9. These older versions of Queencee Apk were improved with time to get the latest version. The below arrangements involves the older version of the application and their latest updates.

Latest version of Queencee vpn

  • queencee vpn v5 app HERE!
  • queencee vpn v5 lite apk
  • queencee vpn apk v6 ultra lite app HERE!
  • queencee vpn v6 app HERE!
  • queencee vpn v7 app HERE!
  • queencee vpn v8 app HERE!
  • queencee vpn v3 apk app HERE!
  • queencee vpn apk v9 apk HERE!

What is QueenCee VPN all about?

The application is a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) application developed by Dzebb. The application was designed with a handler menu settings to enable users configure the app to enjoy free browsing. The Queencee VPN v8 app for Android is available for download. Generally, VPN applications changes the location of a device whenever it is launched. Queencee apk does it better as you don’t need to be scared of disconnection or breakage once the application is launched.

And Now the Queencee VPN v9 gravity comes with the above features and more. The application is free of charge, doesn’t require in app password or purchases. The Queencee VPN Android app v9 is the latest version and also the upgrade to Queencee v8. Just like the others, this latest version comes with handler menu settings.

The application comes with about 13 different country’s IP addresses. U.S.A, UK, Philipine, India, Republic of Korea, Spain are among the country’s IP address available. Selecting the IP address changes your device location to the country’s. You may decide to surf the internet anonymously with a default location.

Users have testified that Queencee VPN v9 gravity apk works on Glo and Etisalat Networks. You can configure them to start browsing for free even with 0.0k in your account.

VPN applications are widely know to drain battery but this latest version does not. The application does not run adverts thus conserving your battery LIFE of your device.

The application works without any problem recorded yet on Android version 4.0 and above.

The application doesn’t need root access or permission to run. All you need is to install the application, configure and run.

Improved features and Fixes

  • Instability and disconnection fixed.
  • Automatic clear settings disabled.
  • Smaller storage requirement.
  • Battery Consumption reduced.
  • Quick connection.

Download QueenCee VPN V9 Gravity Apk

Queencee vpn v9 gravity apk free download for Android. Just click on the direct link provided below to download the application.
Download Queencee VPN apk v9 apk HERE!

Source: Game4Android

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