How to Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android

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Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android: The android phone is good at displaying error messages, but today we will be tackling one of the “annoying errors” that pops up.Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android

Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android

The “can’t connect to camera issue on android device” is becoming one of the error on android devices that pricks android users.

This problem affects all android enabled devices no matter the brand or producer – Infinix, Samsung, Gionee, Xiaomi, Tecno and more.

Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android

The main source of this error could be the background running applications. This “can’t connect to camera error can be fixed using three simple methods. This article will be showing you tips to fix the error.

Tips to Fix Can’t Connect to Camera on Android


The following methods should help fix the can’t connect to camera on android phones.

1. Shut down device.

To fix this on your android device. “Shut down” your device and after about two minutes “ON” your android smart device. The problem should fix.

2. Clear apps history.

In case the first method didn’t work, try clearing your app history.

  • Go to phone settings, then locate apps
  • Locate camera and tap, hit on the “clear data” option.
  • Locate and hit the “Force stop” button
  • Launch your camera, it should be active and the error fixed.

3.Correct using Fix CM Apk.

The following method requires root access from your device. After you have successfully root your device.

  • Download the Camera Fix CM Apk from Google Play Store.
  • Open application and then tap the “Restart camera to fix issue button“.

The problem should be fixed by now and the error message gone. If the problem persist take your device to a professional.

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