How to Get Larger Breast Without Pills or Surgery

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There is nothing more admirable than a big, firm and round breast. Both men and women appreciate breast as it symbolize beauty and also add more credit to womanhood. This is the 21st century when “breast no longer feed the infant alone but also the adult men too”

Get bigger breast

This before and after image above testifies to the fact that Natural remedies are effective. You can get bigger breast today all you need is patience and consistence.

Not everyone can go through the blade of surgery to achieve what they want and also if you have tried creams that promised you a huge breast and didn’t work? Then you need to try this proven tips. You’ll need a a little bit of patience though.

I don’t guarantee the outcome as there are also natural factors that hinders the breast from becoming big. But, I think you should give it a try;

Tips to get a bigger breast size naturally.

Below are some ways you can enlarge the size of your breast.

1. Exercises.

Have you noticed? Women who engage themselves in heavy workouts or body building normally have smaller breasts. Breasts are made of fats therefore they shrink the more you increase your level of activity.

Yet there are exercises that helps to build and enlarge the breast some of them include: Push-ups, arm presses, cheat presses.

Get yourself a gym instructor to be your guide or you can also search exercises online.

2. Massage.

Massage helps to circulate blood round the breast and also stretch out tissues around the breast making them appear bigger and firm. To massage your breast apply some oil on your palm and rub around the breast. Gently rub the breast in a circular motion for about 15-20 minutes. Be consistent and continue for about a month until you get your desired size.

3. Diet.

Food can either help increase your breast or reduce them as what you eat generally affect the body. Eating unhealthy food substance will affect the outcome of your body positively or negatively, you can carry out researches on food substances that could be of great help growing your breast.

4. Wearing a Bra.

The bra can either make your breast appear smaller or larger, most bras are too tight or stocked with foams or materials that allows it appear big. The bra I recommend are those that gives your breast enough space to lift as the tight ones are usually uncomfortable. The bras are to help the breast lift not flatten them.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

These seeds are active breast enlargement agents as they stimulate the hormones responsible for breast enlargement (estrogen and progesterone).

Make a paste with the mixture of fenugreek powder and water, apply gently on breast while you massage. Allow it for 10 minutes after massage then rinse off. This should be repeated twice daily.

6. Onion juice

For a perfect combination, mix with turmeric and honey then apply on your breast.

This combination also works well on sagging breast as it can help them become firm again and also increase the size of your breast. To get the best result apply this combination after your bath and allow it till morning, then wash them off using warm water.

7. Use Olive Oil

Looking for the most effective homemade breast enlargement remedies? Olive oil is one effective natural remedy for small breast as regular massages with olive oil can help the breast appear soft and firm. One unique use of olive oil to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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