How to Get Taller Naturally without Pills.

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Everybody wants to grow tall, due to lots of benefits attached. Although everbody cannot get tall due to genetic factors and other factors that affect growth.

Height actually matters alot, and being tall comes with lots of benefits as well.

Here in Nigeria, ladies prefer dating a tall guy compared to guys either average or short, although they seek money first.

Also on auditions such as modelling tall guys and ladies have the upper hand, if you have been rejected before don’t worry its time to get taller.

Factors that can hinder you from getting tall.


Heredity Factors plays a role to determine your height. You don’t expect dwarfs parents to reproduce a gaint offspring.

Growth Duration:

Growth stops at your mid twenties. Normally you are not expected to grow taller as an adult.

Teenage activities could affect your height. Growth is a gradual process, you are not expected to grow 6 feet in a blink.

Habits that encourage growth.

The following healthy activities encourage increase in height.

These activities are natural and effective and will definitely help you increase in height.

1. Frequent Exercise.

Exercises are the easiest ways to gain height. Pertaking regularly in exercises encourage and influence growth.

Teenagers are adviced to engage in exercises and other physical activities frequently during their growth stages.

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The following exercises should help;

Swimming. Swimming is one of the best exercise as far as growth is concerned.

Swimming exercises your spine and also get your ligaments and tendons streched, this should help with your growth.

Therefore swimming guarantees increase in height if done frequently.

Skipping. Similar to swimming, skipping also stretch your back and spine.

Bending your knees while skipping would cause the calves to vertically expand. Regular skipping will definitely boost your growth.

Cycling. Streching your legs while cycling is another way to enhace growth.

But I recommend the bicycle used for racing sports, bicycle seat should be raised high a bit to allow the legs stretch easily.

Toe touch popularly called the “touch your toe exercise” here in Nigeria. The toe touch exercise helps straighten the waist.

To perform the exercise, first stand erect, strech your two arms above your head, and the bend attempting to touch your toes.

2. Stretching. People engage in streching in one way or the other either concioustly or not.

But since it is not done well and often, has no effect on growth. With the help of streching, the curvature, which makes people shorter are straightened.

This should be done all times after sitting or standing for a long time.

3. Eating healthy foods: Good source of protein and calcium are needed for growth, eat enough fruits for vitamins and vegetables.

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The right intake of this food substances will help in bone development.

Eating the required nutrients will definitely help you grow tall, there are foods that can assist you with growth.

The following nutrients will help.

Proteins – The major functions of proteins are to aid growth and repair body tissues.

Good sources of protein includes; beans, meat, eggs, fish, milk, soya beans etc.

Calcium. They help in developing bones, developed strong bones enhance growth. Food rich in calcium includes; vegetables, fish, etc.

Zinc – Just as protein and calciums are needed for growth, zinc is also very compulsory.

Good sources of zinc includes; eggs, peas, etc.

4.Get enough sleep: Ensure you sleep a minimum of 8 hours everyday. Adequate sleep releases more growth hormone.

Growth hormones are concerned with the growth of the entire body and are released in mass during sleep. Quality sleep, better growth.

5. Get constant massages. Massages enhances the flow of blood in the body, to enhance the adsorption of the calcium enabling mineral to perform better and in return increases your height.

Therefore get massage at least twice a month.

6. Avoid alcoholic, hard drugs and take enough water. Drink enough water, about two litres of water daily.

Totally abstain from illicit drugs and alcoholic drinks. Smoking should also be avoided..

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Habits That Stunt Growth.

The following activities are common day-to-day habits that could hinder you from growing as tall as you should. Some of them include;

1. Excessive intake of caffeine. Caffeines don’t attack growth directly. Sleeping is very important as I earlier said, and the intake of caffeines hinder you from sleeping the way you should.

If you want to increase your height, reduce the intake of caffeines.

2. Using the Gym. Exercises are pretty essential for growth, but some are also not encouraged if you want to increase your height.

Heavy weight gyming can stunt growth especially when they are done at growth stage.

3. The use of anabolic steriods. According to research, “use of anabolic anabolic steriods inhibit bone growth in growing kids and teenagers.

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