How to Advertise Business Online and reach Target Audience

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Where Can I advertise my products online?

Looking for where to place adverts online to get a successful return? This post will give detailed answers to the above questions. But before we proceed let’s know why it is necessary to advertise your products and services online.

Advertise business online

This is the 21st century if you still fold your arms waiting for customers to patronize you, you might just be doing yourself wrong. This is the digital age when almost everything and information is sourced online. Therefore for your business to survive and yield amazing returns, it must have a connection with the digital community.

For instance, you may deal on phones and accessories and still sell at cheaper rates but won’t make profits as you should. Since you were not found online even people living close to you might order from online stores.

Where and How can I advertise online?

There are many approaches to advertise your products online but today we’ll only examine the five major approaches.

1. Google Adwords:

Google is the world leading search engine and also the most visited online platform in the world. When people seek for information online their first option is normally Google.

Advertising on Google is one of the largest way of reaching your potential customers be it locally or internationally. Using the google Adwords service will give you the choice of advertising on the search engine or with Google Adsense (banner).

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2. Facebook Ads

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook is the largest advertising network as it is the Single largest Online network today, as million of people visit Facebook daily to search for friends, associations and work. Therefore placing adverts on Facebook is one big way of reaching out to people as you would gain exposure to millions of local and international Facebook users.

3. Twitter Adverts:

Today in the social community, Twitter comes next after Facebook as many people visit twitter daily to check out the current trends, start or join a discussion online, etc. Advertising on Twitter is one big way of creating awareness as people would tweet, re-tweet, etc.

4. Instagram Adverts:

Instagram is a social community with millions of users both locally and internationally making it another platform for placing Adverts. Instagram is connected to Facebook as they are both owned and managed by one man. To run ads on Instagram you first pay into your Facebook wallet.

You can also find private accounts with millions of followers on IG, negotiate and advertise on their account as it is relatively economical.

5. Advertising on Websites:

There are numerous Forums and blogs where you can place adverts be it locally or internationally. This is recommended for people who need to create local awareness.

You can also place adverts here on wikiNigeria if you need local (Nigerian) or International audience. Placing adverts on this blog is relatively cheap and covers both local and international targets. Contact us today to see the difference.

Like I earlier said there are many advertisement platforms but we’ll discuss this 5 major and profitable ways to advertise here in the Country and Abroad.

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