How to bath a Newborn Baby – Update

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The feeling derived from bathing your baby is unique and lovely, but the first time usually make mothers nervous. The question of How to bathe my newborn baby? Where do I start? What do I need? etc are all answered in this article.

Bath a newborn baby

Bathing your baby for the very first time can be a bit daunting but as a saying goes, “practice makes perfect” with preparations and practice you’ll discover it is far easier than you thought.

Tips and Guidelines to bathe your Newborn

1. Pick the right time to bathe your baby:

Choosing the right time to bathe your baby should be your priority. Pick a time when you have nothing doing to avoid anything interrupting you. No matter what happens or comes up, don’t leave your baby all alone in the bath, even for a sec. If anything urgently comes up and demands your immediate attention carry your baby along.

2. Wash hands properly

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Get fresh clean water and soap to wash your hand thoroughly, don’t just conclude your hands are clean because they appear so. Ensure you wash hands properly before bathing your baby as you’ll have to touch sensitive body parts while bathing.

3. Keep the Room Warm:

Make sure the room is warm and draught free, get your bath tub readily placed on a flat and stable surface probably on a table so you can easily and comfortably lean over. In case the room is properly ventilated, close all room doors and windows, you may switch on the bulb and switch off the fan.

4. Get the equipment ready and together:

All the required equipment should be placed near the bath tub, the soap, towel, cloths, cream, oil, comb, etc. should be all set and ready for use before undressing the child.

5. Pour water in to the tub:

Pour water until it gets to the shoulder level of your baby. Use a gentle soap to bathe your baby (ask a Specialist to suggest baby soap)

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6. Confirm the water temperature:

Don’t just conclude the water is warm, confirm the status of the water by feeling with your palm or fingers before dipping your baby in the water. The water should be lukewarm (not too hot or cold). Don’t add either hot or cold water into the bath once the baby is in.

7. Get the baby Naked:

Get the baby completely undressed as you support his head and neck and with 100% carefulness, gently put him in the tub.

8. Bath your baby:

While bathing your baby, your hands will be needed to work together. With one hand support the head and neck of your baby and use the other hand to swish water over him. Ensure all the creases are properly washed. The bottom should be washed last.

Do note: Your baby shouldn’t be kept in tub more than 5 minutes.

9. Gently get your baby out of the tub.

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After bathing your baby, it is time to get him out of the tub and warm. Lift him up gently and wrap him in a soft towel immediately then using that same towel pat him dry.

10. Apply cream on your baby’s skin:

After getting your baby dry, apply a moisturizing cream on his skin to prevent the skin from drying out. Choose a good cream specifically for babies or seek a specialist suggestion.

11. Dress your baby:

Get the baby all dressed up, choose the clothes that suits the weather. If the weather is cold then wrap your baby up but if reverse is the case wear baby cloth that allows enough air.

Watch Video tutorials on Bathing your baby

Note: Nursing/Experienced mothers reading this article can drop contribution via the comment session…

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