How to Become Mother of Twins this Year without Surgery

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Many women ask this same question, “what do I do to give birth to twins?“, everybody want to have twins I do, but the truth is not everyone will. But the chance of getting a set of twins is open to everybody.

become mother of twins this year

I observed that many women especially in Nigeria are longing for twins so I did a little digging and this is what I found. This article will provide basic guidelines on how to get a set of twins this year without surgery.

I observed that some people wish to have set of twins while some don’t, whether your wife gave birth to twins or not you still have kids calling you “Papa”

Tips to Get a set of Twins

If you’ve read the above article and still desire a set of twins continue reading and make sure you don’t forget;

  • Age Factor: The older you are, the higher your chance of giving birth to twins. Women that are around 40 years of age have about 7% chance higher than those below forty. This continues to increase until menopause sets in.
  • Cow liver consumption: Eat more of cow liver so as to derive Insulin-like growth factor from the consumption.
  • Heredity Factor: Women and girls from a family with twins especially from their mother, have high chance of about 4x than others.
  • Race Factor: The blacks (Africans) have much more tendency of giving birth to twins than any other race. The Europeans are next, then the Hispanic and finally the Asians.
  • Food Factor: Black women that consumes a lot of yam and cassava have higher odds to give birth to twins than those who consumes less or none.
  • Body Structure Factor: Women that are tall and average in height are mostly women who give birth to twins. It is rear for a short woman to be a mother of twins. Also she must be agile and of a healthy weight.
  • Health Factors: Women who desires to be the mother of twins must remain BCP free as earlier as she can. She must also remain free from any form of birth defection.
  • Vitamin Factors: Vitamins and blood are among the requirements for a woman requesting and desiring to mother a set of twins.
  • Medical Advice: Ask your doctor for tips and medical advice to help you give birth to twins.
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Note: Before you start practicing the tips above take it to your doctor or any specialist for advice.

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