How to Block Stolen Phones Using Device IMEI number

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I’ve received requests to write an article on how to block Android phones after they are stolen using their IMEI number. So finally, I found a solution. People’s phones get stolen everyday and now thanks to technological advancement our mobile phones are now part of our lives. Many personal informations, documents, passwords, data, and more are stored in our mobile devices.

If these get to the wrong hands, the price would definitely be too much to pay. This brings up need to block stolen mobile phones, this tutorial will be revealing several methods to block your phones using their IMEI numbers. The methods are fast and easy as you’ll need certain applications to track them and eventually block them.

Just keep reading to get full information on the quick and easy steps to block your device after it is stolen using the IMEI number.

Block your stolen phone using IMEISimple Methods to Track Lost Stolen Mobile Phones

Method 1

Track phones using applications

There are many Android applications designed to keep track and records of your stolen phone. These applications will track the phone location and store them for references. Phone tracking applications are available on Android app stores such as Google Play Store and 9apps.

Recently, an Android Device Manager app was launched by Google and is great when locating your Android smart phone is involved. Checkout the below applications that are best for tracking lost or Stolen Android phones.

Android Device Manager

This application was launched by Google and it is linked to your Google account. After your device is stolen the device will help you identify the device location and also preserve your personal data by resetting your device PIN, lock screen and also erase all your important phone documents and data.

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Anti-theft alarm

This application is equipped with motion alarm and charger alarm. The application offers varieties of alarm tones which you can select from. Also, it offers either a PIN or Pattern unlock feature. In case your device got stolen, all you have to do is trigger the alarm through a notification. Very easy to use and is download is free.

Avast Anti-Theft

Looking for an app to keep records and track of your mobile cell phones after it is stolen? Avast Anti-theft app is perfect for the job as the application can track and find your device after it is lost. The application has the features to lock, erase important files, take pictures, record audio from the mobile phone location. After you SIM is changed, it sends a notification to another device.

Anti-theft Cerberus

This application offers three means of protecting your device which are remotely controlling it from websites, text messages from another device and automatic alerts.

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My Droid

Tracking your stolen phone requires application with features like My Driod. The application will make the phone ring or vibrate, show GPS location, text of your attention word, and more. The device has code protection to guard your device against unauthorized app changes. After a SIM card is changed, you’ll be notified via an incoming text message. The app also lock the device remotely, takes pictures, etc.

Please note: All these applications are available on Google Play Store, just search and download the applications.

Method: 2

Block your stolen phone using IMEIBlock your stolen phone using IMEI Numbers

You may want to ask, what is the full meaning of IMEI? It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification. Every mobile phone has its own IMEI number which is different from other phones. To check your device IMEI number just dial *#06# from your phone dialer to reveal the number. With your device IMEI numbers, your device will be located.

How Service providers get you device IMEI numbers

Immediately a new SIM card is bought and slid into the device, the first thing the SIM card does is to register the device IMEI numbers in the network server. That’s why each time you slide in a SIM card, they identify your phone and send you its configuration settings. This is a very important tool to block your android phone after it is stolen as they can assist you block your device IMEI on the network.

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How to Block mobile network using IMEI number?

Follow the Steps below to block your device IMEI numbers on a particular network provider;

  • Register the stolen phone case with the police and get a FIR.
  • Submit a copy of FIR to the Network provider.
  • After confirming the FIR, the IMEI numbers get blocked.
  • Once the IMEI is blocked on a particular service provider, it will be blocked in other service providers too.


After a device is stolen, the best thing to do is block the IMEI to prevent the misuse of important documents on your device. Those applications must be INSTALLED already in your Android device before they got stolen. Easy right, rate our post and share with others to reduce phone theft.

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