How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

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Clean laptop keys: The Laptop keys should be kept clean on a regular basis for it to last longer, cleaning these keys are very important so as to remove dust and insects hiding under the keys.

clean laptop keys

Cleaning the keys require special techniques, to avoid damaging the keys, certain techniques should be employed.

Tips to Clean Laptop Keyboard

Cleaning your Laptop keyboards.

1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning the laptop keyboards, but the little portable vacuums should be used and also a tiny brush (maybe of the toothbrush size) or the upholstery-cleaning attachment.

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Clean laptop keys, this will amazingly suck up all the crud hiding under the keyboard.

2. Using Compressed air.

Many Laptop users prefer cleaning their PC using compressed air.

This is not really adviced as it could also be a threat to your Laptop. The air could blow the crud further into the Laptop.

I recommend using a vacuum cleaner.

Before you start which ever cleaning method make sure your laptop is turned off and unplug it from power source.

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3. Using Isopropyl alcohol.

This should be used for cleaning the top of the keys, get a clean cloth and ensure it is dust-free.

Dip the cloth into the alcohol and gently rub it on the key (cotton swap can be used).

Ensure the alcohol doesn’t drip into the keyboard and never use a spray cleaner directly on the keyboard.

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