How to Easily Clean White Shoe Sole and Lace

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What is the latest fashion trend? While answering this question, am sure White-soled shoes would be among your top 5. The major problem is maintaining these white soled-shoes and ensure they remain in good condition. No matter how old your shoes may look you’ll still want them appear presentable


Clean white shoe lace

This article will suggest simple maintenance tips for a shiny white shoe sole requires little energy and time.

Step-by-step Guidelines to Clean Shoe Sole.

Cleaning a rubber shoe;

  • Get a dry brush of any type (toothbrush, paint brush, hair brush)
  • Make a paste using a baking powder and a laundry detergent
  • Dip the brush in the paste and swirl around the white area keep brushing until it gets clean.
  • Get a clean sponge/clothe, dip into a clean water and use it to clean the white areas until the paste solution is totally washed off..
  • You may still leave them to dry in sun for a while.

How to Make Smelly Shoes Stop Smelling

  • Always put on socks before wearing shoes. Bare feet in shoes will definitely make them smell especially in dark and damp environments. The socks have the duty of absorbing the sweat on the foot
  • Sprinkle foot powder on feet before putting it in your shoe as they’ll keep the feet dry and crop any odor.
  • Dry your shoe under the sun after wearing for long to allow sunlight automatically get them deodorized. You can bring shoes outside under the sun especially those you haven’t worn in a while.

Cleaning the Shoe lace.

  • Loose the shoe laces from the shoes
  • Soak in a soapy water for about 15 mins.
  • Place them in delicate bags and wash them
  • Leave them to dry under an air-filled condition
  • While waiting for the lace to dry, clean the surrounding areas.

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Updated: May 29, 2018 — 2:15 pm

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