How to Download and Install Google Play Store Application

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How to download and install Google Play Store App

How to Recover Google Play Store App? How to Re-install The Google Play Store Application? Google Play Store is an online Android store for downloading Android games and applications. The application was initially known as the Android Market. Just as the Apple App Store, Google Play Store makes provision for Android Applications alone.

Download Google Play Store

Smart devices, Smart TVs, Android cars, Smart watches are good examples of gadget and devices that operates on Android operating system (OS).

Google Play Store makes it easy to update apps on Android smart devices and accessories without visiting any online platform. With Google Play Store installed in your device, you can download applications your phone requires without spending the whole time and data searching the net.

Now since this application is very useful to your smart device, picture your Android device without Play Store installed.

This article will provide detailed solution to the problem of installing Google Play Store on your Android Smart Device.

How to Get Google Play App Back

Perhaps you mistakenly uninstalled the Google Play Store app from your phone and want it back, the below tips will help you get it installed and running on your device.

Step 1

  • Look for friends/family that use the Androids enabled device.
  • Connect to his/her device through Xender (recommended) or any other sharing application – Bluetooth, Flashare, etc.
  • Locate and send “Mobogenie” from his/her device to yours.
  • Install the Mobogenie app.
  • Launch the application and you are Good. As the app can serve as the perfect substitute for Google Play Store.

Step 2

If you want the play store app itself, well follow this to collect from your friend’s device.

  • Launch Xender.
  • Go-to settings and enable “Show system app“.
  • Send the Google Play Store app to your phone
  • Install the application on your device
  • Hurrah!!! You got your Google Play Store app back.

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