How to Download Telegram v4.8.11 apk for Android

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The latest version of Telegram application has just been released and is available for Android and iOS Smartphone users. The Telegram application can be downloaded or updated on Google PlayStore or any online app store of choice.

Download Telegram v4.8.11 apk

Telegram v4.8.11 is updated with amazing features absent in the previous versions of the app. You can now revoke messages, playback media two times faster than the initial speed although some features are limited to Android devices for now.

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Like I earlier said, the latest features of Telegram is loaded with amazing updates, below are the main updates;

Mark Chats as Read

The latest feature of Telegram now makes it possible to mark chats as either read or unread, all you need to do is to long press the selected contact to revel more options then select mark as read.

Play Media Messages twice Faster

Yes, with the latest Telegram 4.8.11 you can listen to media files two times faster than you used to. After receiving a media file, you can play the video in a hurry to save more time.

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Share Contacts without vital info

The latest version of Telegram v4.8.11 makes it possible to send/share contact without revealing vital information such as email address, location, numbers, etc. This is to boost privacy and security purposes.

Other Features

  • Replace Media Files while editing if it was sent to a wrong recipient.
  • Revoke/Cancel Messages before they send.
  • Links can now be created in the Formatting menu to creat a text URL.


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