How to Download Videos, Pictures and Gifs from Whatspp Status | No root required

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Downloading videos from Whatsapp Smart Devices

Due to the latest “update on Whatsapp messenger” users are looking for ways to “download status videos from their friends’ status“. You can now upload media (photos, gifs and videos) status from Whatsapp messenger.

Due to users policy Whatsapp didn’t allow download button/link on the status. Whatsapp cares for the security and the privacy of its users. Well, today we’ll “breach” that as this tutorial will give you easy step-to-step guide on how to download videos from Whatsapp and save them directly on your Gallery.

How to Download Videos, Pictures and Gifs from Whatspp

Did you know you can view someones status without them receiving notification? Using this method will leave the user not notified after you view his/her status.

Step-by-step tutorial to download Media from whats app status

Well many users take screenshots of the pictures, what about the gif and video status? Screenshots are not the best solution, to download media from Whatsapp, follow the below guide;

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This step will guide you download all type of media from your friend’s Whatsapp status, the steps are easy just follow accordingly to own any Whatsapp status you want.

  • Launch your Whatsapp Application and go to the Status tab.
  • Open and view the “Whatsapp status” on your friend contact you wish to download
  • Close the Whatsapp application and launch the Open file mangerCT. Download the application from google Play Store or 9apps.
  • Open the File Manager and Locate the Whatsapp Folder tap on it to open.
  • Open the “Media folder”.
  • The Status Folder” is usually hidden, tap options on the file manager and then “show hidden files“. It may be different depending on the file manager you are using.
  • Immediately the Status Folder will appear visible and can be accessed, tap the folder to reveal the Whatsapp statuses of your contacts.
  • Move the Status to your Android Gallery or any other folder outside the Whatsapp Folder. To move the files, long press the media file (gif, image or pic) to reveal the options.
  • Select the “Copy option”.
  • Go to your preferred folder to paste the files but it should be within the file manager. Better still look for the DCIM folder, open the folder and paste the copied status there.
  • From your Gallery, Photos or any Photo viewer on your device, navigate to  the DCIM folder (or any folder you pasted the file) open and view it.
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Do note: Each file manager has its own procedure as the step in another manager could appear different from the step mentioned above. This tutorial was based on the default File manager on Android device.

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