How to Fix an Android Device that keeps freezing and/or not responding

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One of the most annoying android malfunctions is the Freezing of Device. I have received much complaints on the matter and the truth is it can really be frustrating. Most often this problem set in during the device startup or when the mobile data is Switched ON. This article will fix freezing issues on Android Smart devices just continue reading.

fix phone freezing

I decided to dig a Lil bit to discover what the major problems are. There are many method/ways to combat Freezing on Android devices such as resetting the device, restoring the factory settings, installation of Custom ROM, etc. Most often you lose your important files in these process. These advance tips are quite good but will cost you your files as you will lose your important documents, media, apps and signed in accounts therefore leaving your device as good as new. You can employ these options when it comes to the worst situation though.

Resetting and Flashing Android devices will definitely leave the device free from those applications which are responsible for the freezing problems. The trick is simple and I think you should give it a try.

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  • Charge your Android Device and ensure it is up-to 50%.
  • Transfer all your important media and doc files to memory card or any other storage device
  • Switch OFF your Android Smart Phone
  • Confirm your battery is at least 50% before you Switch it OFF.
  • “ALLOW ” Device to OFF totally.
  • Hold the Phone “power button” and the lower “volume key” together for about a 15 seconds.
  • Confirm the command and allow the phone to flash.
  • Don’t force the phone to switch OFF or ON as it will reboot automatically.


fix phone freezing

The COMMONLY used method is to remove Device battery from your device, what if your device has an in-built battery just as Infinix phones? Don’t worry the article covers it all.

This happens to infinix devices as well, what will you do in a situation like this?

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  • Just Hold your device Power Button till until it displays the Power options.
  • Then hold the paper button together with the volume key together for a while.
  • Just keep holding the keys till the device goes back to normal.
  • Allow the Smart device (Phone/Tablet) battery to discharge.


The below step is based on the Android 7.0 features, other versions (higher/lower) could be slightly different but the procedure is still the same.

  • Go-to Settings on your Android Smart device (phone/laptop/tab)
  • Locate the “System” group and choose “Backup and Reset
  • From the options select “Factory data reset“.
  • Confirm by selecting the “Erase all Data” Option.
  • Ensure you select the “reformat SD card” option
  • Click on “Reset Phone” and wait for device to reset.
  • Allow the device to reboot automatically.

Reasons Why Android Devices Freeze.

If you’ve observed, Android devices don’t freeze immediately they are purchased, it takes some time before these devices begin to freeze. Have imagined why? The below are the major reason why your device freezes

  • Low RAM
  • Too many installed applications more than the RAM can handle.
  • Some applications require large RAM while refreshing (Whatsapp)
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This tutorial works perfectly on all Android enabled Devices. just follow the steps one after the other for a guaranteed result. Still need assistance or want to contribute?  Use the comment Section!!!

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