How to Fix There was a problem communicating with Google servers error on Android

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The Problem of “Communicating with Google Servers” usually happens on that moment you want to a want to make use of applications that requires google access. Since connecting to Google servers are needed, in most cases the application will not run as expected. But today, with the help of this article, we’ll learn to bypass/fix this issue when ever it comes disturbing.

Fix communication error

Fixing the Communicating to Google Servers‘ issue differs from devices, below are the possible methods to fix the Communicating to Google Servers issues. “There was a problem…Google” error message can be fixed just follow the below tips to get rid of the “There Was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers” error message.

Tips to Fix Couldn’t Sign in Google Account

Option 1.

  • Sign out from your “Google Account“.
  • Go-to Phone Settings >> Apps >> Clear Cache data from all Google Apps
  • Go-to Phone settings >> Accounts >> Other accounts >> Add account >> Sign in.
  • Error is fixed, you can now connect to Google servers.

Option 2.

  • Go-to Phone Settings >> Security >> Unknown sources >> enable “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources“.
  • Update the “Google play Service” on your device, in case you don’t have Google play Services installed, download from Google Play Store or any Online app store.
  • Sign into your Google Account and wave There Was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers” error message good-bye.

Fix communication error on google

Option 3.

The below Option requires “root permission“, if your device is already root or you know how to root your android device Continue, but if you don’t please “ignore” this Option.

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  • Go-to Phone Settings and Sign out of your Google account.
  • Get ES File Explorer form any online app store.
  • Launch the application and then “Open root Explorer“.
  • Using the mount option, mount as “read and write“.
  • Navigate to Device-Root-System-etc- >> Host File >> “Open in text editor”.
  • Change the local host to localhost.
  • Save.
  • Sign into your google account.

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