How to Hide Files on Android Smart Phones | Step by step guide to hide your Files on Android

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How do you feel when somone holds your Android phone, the heart beats and wishes that comes up that few minutes, well everyone has one or two important/private files on their device. Due to the upgrade in technology, we can now save our details on our mobile devices as we can use them to pay bills online and things like that.

Hide files on Android

Tech advancement have it that our gadget has become an extension of us, our personal details are most times stored and registered on our device and the truth remains that there is a part of us we choose not to disclose to others. I usually reset my phone account and/or delete my private files before handing my phone over but most times getting the files back are usually not easy.

Probably you downloaded media files you don’t want mama/papa to come across as she uses your device, or you may have one or two girls and want to be on the low so they don’t find out. There are applications that are rated above the age of 13 (not child friendly) and you want to hide it for the sake of your child’s safety?

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Whatever the reason maybe, this article will offer solution on how to hide files on your smartphones, and also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hiding your files on Android Phone.

How to Hide Your Private files on Android

Most times Android enabled devices (Phone, tablets, Smart TV, Watches etc.) don’t have the default feature of hiding applications. Since they don’t come with default application to hide your files therefore the help of a “third-party application” can be used. The below applications will help you hide files on your device without deleting them just follow the step-by-step tutorials below

File Hide Expert Application

The File Hide Expert is “superb application” for the job, the application is free on any app store and can make files appear hidden and visible whenever the command is given. To employ the application, just download and install the application form any Android Online Store (Google Play store, 9apps, etc.).

‘Installing the Application’

Download File hide Expert

The app will be installed automatically if it was downloaded from Google Play store but downloading from other Online Stores will require manual installation. To install application just go to the download folder, locate and click on the application icon, grant all the required “access and permission” and then install the application.

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File Hide Expert List

After Installing, launch the application as you’ll receive a message list of the hidden files (though the file list will be empty). On the top-right menu, you’ll a see “folder icon” just “tap” the icon to start hiding your files.

Hidden Files on Android

The application display features are similar to that of the “default file manager”. As long as you don’t forget where you saved the file you can hide and recover it no matter the ‘type of file’ (apk, doc. jpg, png, docx etc.). All you need to do is to Check (to hide the files) or Uncheck (to make files appear visible).

Empty List on Android

Selecting the “Hide all” option will make all the files appear hidden and therefore phone borrowers and third-party users won’t have access to any file as the hidden files won’t appear in any other manager or gallery. To make the files accessible once again, launch the File Hide Expert app and hit the “Restore All” option.

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Enable password on Application

To give the file a 100% security, so that no other person will access your File Hide Expert application, just use the File Hide Expert’s password capabilities.

Just go-to Menu button >> Settings >> Enable a Password

Just Check the box and an option to enter a password will be prompted. Make sure the password you use is easy to remember as it will be required every time you launch the “File Hide Expert” application. You don’t want a situation where your files can’t be restored.

Download “File Hide Expert from Google Play Store“.

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