How to hide your call ID on MTN, Airtel and 9mobile.

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Hiding your call info. during calls.

Hide your call ID on MTN, Airtel and 9mobile

Most times callers want to hid their identity for so many reasons. Well it is possible and the trick is simple, I remember Java phones already had it on the phone settings but Android don’t.

If you want your call to appear anonymous to the person you are calling just keep reading.

How to hide call info on MTN.

Hiding your phone number is easier on the MTN network, just add #31# before the phone number then dial.

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That is: #31#080123456…

The call receiver will receive an incoming call without a phone number displayed on the screen.

How to hide call info. on Airtel.

Before dialing the phone number just add #31# before the number. That is #31#0801234567…, this will hide your identity from the call receiver until the call is answered.

How to hide call info. on 9mobile.

Are you a 9mobile customer and you want to hide your call identity from your call receiver? If yes is your reply, just add #31# before the numbers then dial.

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That is:#31#12345678…

This works mainly on local calls (calls within the country) as foreign calls may not appear hidden due to security reasons.

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