How to Identity the Best Power Bank For Your Phone

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Power banks are very important especially in areas with epileptic power supply. Owning a Power Bank is very necessary as it comes to the rescue whenever your battery runs down or is faulty. Since many Producers of phone accessories have emerged selecting the right power bank for your device could be a bit “difficult”.

Original Power Bank

Power Banks supports your battery and can also reduce the battery life of your device if used wrongly. Due to many many power banks in the market, it is difficult to choose from the numerous Power banks available. Most power banks are “Fake” and are great threat to the battery life of your device.

Today with the help of this article, we’ll be identifying the “original” and “fake” power banks.

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Features of a Fake Power Bank


This is the number one pointer to identify a fake Power Bank – brand Names. Brand names of Phone producers can be used to identify the power banks they made.

When purchasing a power bank, check if it has a quality brand name. Many power banks available in the Nigerian markets have names written in languages you don’t understand.

Will you just buy the power bank because it is flashy neglecting the importance of the brand name? Look for those with popular and quality brand names.


What do I mean by Fake Capacity? Most times we come across power banks with 50,000mAh written on the case, common is it a transformer?.

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The claimed 50,000mAh battery Power Bank capacity will still be unable to charge a phone of 2500mAh twice. This power bank is a threat to your battery life span.

Most power banks with Battery capacity of 50,000mAh, 30,000mAh, 20,000mAh and the like are fake and will get your device battery faulty. Well some could still be Original but here in Nigeria, it is rare.

Features of An Original Power Bank

Original Power Bank

High Quality power banks comes with the below characteristics.

    1. Power banks of High quality comes with high quality brand names.
    2. Original Power banks comes with the exact battery capacity such as 5,500mAh, 6,600mAh, 3,500mAh etc.

To get a high quality power banks go to your nearest recognized phone accessories dealers. Avoid purchasing them from road side dealers as majority of them deal on the fake Power Banks.

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Note: For a clearer understanding, “Original” was used to describe Power Banks of Higher Quality while “Fake” for those with lower or inferior quality.

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