How to Import and Sell Fairly Used Clothes and Shoes to Nigeria

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The importation of fairly used clothes and other items to Nigeria has become a very lucrative business in the country.

Import and Sell Fairly Used Clothes and Shoes to Nigeria

The high cost of buying new wears has made the used clothes a close substitute for the new ones.

Also Nigerians see items produced locally as inferior and most times prefer the once imported into the country.

Many Nigerians believe those imported items are superior and will last longer than the once made in the country, honestly I support them.

Most times the used wears and items are costlier than the locally made yet most people prefer them.

How to Import used clothes and other items to Nigeria.

1. Get a Shop or Warehouse.

For Nigerians outside the country you’ll need a warehouse where the goods can be stored whenever it arrives.

For Nigerians based in the country all you need is a big shop for storing and displaying those clothes to people passing.

Nigerians have a way of displaying used clothes, they arrange the clothes on the floor as intrested passerbys select the ones they want and then make payments.

2. Look for Products (online or offline).

Search for fairly used products online either on eBay or Alibaba, a list of suppliers will be available just choose your prefered supplier(s).

You may go around looking for suppliers but ensure you choose a business partner you trust and is based here in Nigeria.

3. Start to import and order.

For people living in Nigeria, start placing orders online and immediately the products arrive you can start making sales depending on your specialization either as a used cloth distributor or retailer.

For citizens outside the country, start importation after you’ve secured a warehouse or shop and a partner.

Immedietly the goods arrive your partner should be able to handle it from there.

How to Get a Fairly used clothes in America.

In United States of America (USA), the fairly used clothes is sold for 0.5 dollar in 25kg grade a Bale.

For instance; if the bale accomodates about 200 clothes, therefore the price will be $0.5 x 200 =100 (N35,000).

Suggestions and Contributions

If you import fairly used clothes to Nigeria or have been in the business, please we can use your experience…

Share your experience with us and lets move the discussion foward.

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