How to Install two Whatsapp on your Android Smart Phone

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How can I download dual whatsapp on my Android phone?

Have you ever thought that it is actually possible to run two Whatsapp messenger applications on your mobile device without rooting or cloning the application? This is actually possible as you can use two Whatsapp messenger app at the same time on your device without rooting the device.

Use dual Whatsapp on Android phones

The picture above shows dual Whatsapp minimized in an android phone

This article will guide you install two Whatsapp application safely on your device, Whatsapp is no longer just a personal communication tool but can now serve as a nice business tool.

Lately, phone producers make provision for two (dual) SIM cards, although there many methods of installing even more than one Whatsapp application on your device but you need to ask yourself… Are they really safe?

Tips to Install Dual Whatsapp on Your Android Smart phones

The steps are very easy and the only required application is the GBWhatsApp, which is the MOD version of whatsapp. Follow the tips below to install it on your phone.

  • Download and Install the official Whatsapp messenger application from Google Play Store.
  • Complete the registration on Application.
  • Good!!! Whatsapp is successfully installed on your device.
  • Download GBWhatsapp from the internet (It is not on Google Play Store)
  • Install the application and start the normal Whatsapp registration.
  • Good!!! You’ve successfully installed two Whatsapp messengers on your device.

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