How to Keep Your Natural Black Hair.

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Most black people grow natural black hair which usually possess a tight curly qualities, natural black hair has varieties of textures which includes corkscrews, fluffy S-shaped curls, etc.

Maintain a natural black hair -2

No matter the hair texture someone possesses, the hair maintenance practices are the same and works perfectly for all.

What matters most for a natural healthy hair growth and maintenance is proper detangling and moisturizing.

Required Items.

1. Wide-tooth comb.

2. De-tangling spray/lotion.

3. Spray bottle.

4. Hair clips.

5. Seamless de-tangling brush.

6. Moisturizer.

7. Seamless styling brush.

8. Oil.


The following steps would be of great help maintaining your natural black hair.

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Step 1. Get a water bottle (spray bottle) filled with warm water, spray your hair starting from the root to the tip till you are convinced it is fully saturated.

Step 2. Get a dangling spray or lotion and apply on hair, ensure your entire length of hair is touched.

While waiting for the dangler to set, use your hand to separate your hair into at least four different sections and clip them.

To avoid shrinkage of each sections should be twisted properly.

Step 3. Starting from the front, remove a section of a clip and then untwist it.

Make sure its held away from your head and then get a tooth comb (preferably wide) and de-tangle the ends of the hair using the comb.

Step 4. Keep up with the de-tangling as you gradually move upwards towards the hair roots.

Make sure you you hair is held directly above the de-tangling area, this will be of great help reducing the amount of hair pulling on your scalp.

Step 5. Re-do the above steps till all the sections are de-tangled.

Brush your hair after using de-tangling brush to get rid of loose hairs.

Moisturizing Your Dark Hair.

Maintain a natural black hair - 7

Step 1. Using your hands your hair should be separated into sections (probably four), clip and twist every section to help avoid shrinkage.

Step 2. Grab a section of your hair and untwist, get your hair moisturizer and apply on your hair starting from the root to tip.

The quantity of moisturizers is determined by the length and the thickness of the hair as well.

Step 3. The oil should be applied from the root to tip of the section and with the aid of a seamless styling brush, distribute the moisturizer and oil round the hair and then brush after.

Step 4. The first two steps (2 and 3) above should be repeated until all the sections are completed. Style your hair as usual.


1. During the course of de-tangling, if a large knot is encountered, gently comb or brush (depending on the size of the hair) till the shed hair is finally released.

2. In case it was difficult getting a moisturizer suitable for your hair, try different products till you are satisfied with a particular product.

3. Instead of oil in a spray can, natural oil can be used.

Some spray can oils lack superfluous filter ingredients like mineral oil. The following oil are recommended for a black natural hair, Avocado, Almond and olive oil.

Warnings and Don’ts.

4. Brushes with seams or balls on teeth shouldn’t be used on hair.

Using this brushes will result to snagging of hair which could leave hair stands damage and broken.

5. Ensure your hair is damp while de-tangling, dry hair would make it difficult to manipulate hair.

Maintaining Your Healthy Hair.

1. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily for a well hydrated and healthy hair.

2. Eat a healthy and balanced meal.

3. Exercise regularly and consume more of vitamin supplements especially those that will benefit the hair.

4. Some hair products are very important to a good hair care.

5. If you are finding it difficult to select a product, use different products until you find the right one for you.

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