How to knot a tie – Step-by-step procedure

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knot a tie: Due to the daily improvements in fashion and the nature of work, the way you dress matters a lot. This 21st century and many white collar jobs requires cooperate attair.

knot a tie

knot a tie

The tie is required for cooperate dressing to be complete therefore knotting a tie should be known by every man and woman.

Many men find it difficult to knot their tie, they depend on their wives, friends or loved ones to help them out.

The question is, will you cancel an appointment/work if your wife is not around to help with the tie?

Will you cancel your date because your sister is not around to help?.

This article will help you with a step-by-step procedure on how to knot a tie.

The Pizza-width knots are the most common in a seemingly   society.

The use of tie to Nigeria and the world.

The cooperate attire was introduced and adopted by Nigerians.

The cooperate dressing is required to participate in any form of official gathering or meting not a only in Nigeria but around the globe.

Our traditional attires do not need tie, infHow to Reduce Breast Size Naturally.act it will look absurd putting on a tie after dressed in traditional attires.

The cooperate attire is needed daily for any official gathering, you need to learn how to knot tie.

How to Knot a tie (Video).

Step-by-Step procedure on how to knot a tie

Hang your tie love your neck. Make sure the fat side is longer than the thin narrow end, as shown in the picture below.

1. Loop the fat side over the thin narrow end.

2. Repeat it once more.

3. Now, Loop the fat end behind the new knot at your neck.

4. Slide the tip of the fat end through the hole created at the neck.

5. The fat end should be pulled to tighten. You don’t want it too tight.

6. Put your index finder just under the loosely tie knot. This should add a dimple.

7. Tight the tie the way you feel comfortable.

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