How to Make Cartoon Videos with Android Phones

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YouTube Cartoon videos are hot cakes as many people prefer streaming cartoon videos online (YouTube) especially the funny, informative and educative ones.

Make Cartoon Videos

Many people who own YouTube Channels want to make cartoon videos for their channel. Cartoons are drawings used to pass a message across and I noticed people prefer certain videos as cartoon. This article will be guiding you to make your own cartoon video using your Android Smart phones.


  1. Why are cartoons important?
  2. Requirements to make your cartoon video.
  3. Starting your Cartoon video.
  4. Steps to make a cartoon video.
  5. Editing your cartoon video.
  6. Conclusion.

Why are cartoon videos important?

Cartoons makes it easy to express yourself, in the cartoon world, everything is possible. You can design the planet, build your imaginary space ships, build an army of elves, live in your own imaginary world, etc.

There are characters that humans can’t play the role perfectly well or will demand much resources and time. Cartoons can take the role of any character easily.

There are stories that are perfect for cartoons, yes with the improvements and knowledge gained daily in the entertainment industry people can take the role of any character they wish yet certain roles demand cartoon characters. Have you seen a cartoon movie later acted by humans, can you spot the difference?

Requirements to make your cartoon video

Making a cartoon video demands items just like any other video. For your video to be successful you’ll need the following materials;

  • An Android Smart phone.
  • A stylus pen for Android device.
  • A Video Editor (Video show recommended).
  • Your already written scripts.
  • Human characters to take the cartoon roles.

Some Android devices come with a Stylus pen, but if yours didn’t you can order yours from any online stores.

Starting your Cartoon video

If you’ve gotten the requirements complete, then you’ll need to follow earnestly. With your Android device go to Google Play Store and download the Flipaclip. The Flipaclip application is free without any form of ads. After download the application move over the guidelines below.

Make Cartoon Videos

Steps to make a Cartoon Video on Android

  • Download the Flipaclip application from Google Play Store or any online app stores.
  • Launch the application, after opening the app you’ll see Projects and movie options. Under the project options select the add new button.
  • Tapping the add new button would revel the next step which is your project details. Choose your Project Name, Background image, canvas size, Frame per second speed.
  • After filling the options below, hit the CREATE PROJECT button. The options will save but can be changed any time from the menu option.
  • The pencil option will reveal the pencil sizes and types.
  • Eraser option of course is for erasing errors.
  • The color option (rep. by a jug) is for coloring.
  • The Bold T Stands for text, tapping it reveals the text options.
  • The song option (rep. by a song sign) reveals the sound options.
  • The play option allows you to view your current video all over.
  • The blank boxes at the lower end shows your cartoon stages and can be re-edited anytime.
  • The copy option above is for copying your project.
  • The paste button beside is for pasting the copied projects wherever necessary.
  • The undo option is for canceling a step.
  • The redo takes you back to retry an option.
  • The option menu would reveal six options which are;
  • Project Settings – This will take yo back to the name, background, canvas size and frame per second options.
  • Frames viewer – This will group the frames (Blank boxes) in grid format.
  • Onion.
  • Grid – To enable grid boxes in the box for easy drawing,
  • Add video – upload video to your project.
  • Make a movie – convert all your workings to movie.

Editing your Cartoon video

After making your cartoon video, you’ll need to make it more presentable for both your viewers and the search engines. If you plan on uploading your video on YouTube, you’ll have to make it reach the YouTube ranking standards which video quality is one.

This is where the Video Editor comes to play, I recommended the Video Show app, so our tutorials will be based on the app. Video show is my favorite video editing app on android as it is loaded with many features for free. These steps will guide you edit your cartoon video.

  • Download the Video show app from Google PlayStore or any preferred Android app stores for free.
  • Launch the application and Select Video Edit.
  • Choose your Cartoon Video and tap the start button.
  • Edit your video and watch it again all over.
  • After the review and checks click on the arrow on the top right corner of your Android screen.
  • Select Save to Gallery from the options.
  • And then for high quality video select HD mode.
  • The video will download to your device in no time.

Conclusion: It is very easy, am sure you also agree. This is how you make your own cartoon videos on your Android device. Stylus pens are not necessary if you can draw using your fingers directly on the screen. Want to hear from you share you experience using the comment session.

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