How to Make Money as Students – Business Ideas For Students.

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Make Money as Students
As a student, there are many money making opportunities in the country, as we are aware there are also lots of expenses to be tackled as a student especially in the University.

Textbooks, photocopies, transportation charges, feeding, accomodation dues, etc. are required in the Institution and ofcourse money will be needed to settle them all, the fact is, feeding money from home ain’t always enough.

Make Money as Students

Most Nigerian parents are between the middle or low income group, you’ll have to source for money in order meet the needs and also survive independently without depending fully at home.

Many petty businesses and jobs are available and can be managed alongside your accademics and can be used to gain extra money to tackle needs and save for later investments (probably after graduation).

Opportunities to Make Money as Students

1. Tutoring.

Make Money as Students

Tutuoring popularly known as “home lesson” is a very good source of making money as a student as it requires lesser time.

For the working class parents, there’s a need for an expert tutor who will help their children with their school assignments and also attend to the difficult subjects.

Make Money as Students


This can be done either online or in person. You can become an online tutor and make money during your free period at school.

Advertisements are required to reach interested parents and students.

2. Joining a sport club.

Make Money as Students

For students good in a particular sport, you can join a particular sport and make money.

In the University, there are varieties of sport a person can join from football, basketball, volleyball, tennis etc.

Better still, you can be a sport trainer. Fitness clubs can be started and membership fees can be charged.

3. Graphic design.

Make Money as Students

This is the 21st century and most companies and organization need websites to reach more customers.

Web designers on the other hand need banners, logos and other materials that can only be provided by graphic designers.

Graphic designers also can design logos, business cards, brochures etc. for both large and small business organization.

Make Money as Students

There are many more offline activities a graphic designer can indulge himself.

4. Freelance writing.

Make Money as Students

Freelance writing is another business ideas for students studying in Nigeria.

There are lots of opportunities on the freelance websites like freelancer, odesk, elance, fiverr, etc.

5. Blogging.

Make Money as Students

Blogging is one good money making source for Nigerian students, if you are good at writing and you want to share experiences with others and you are passionate about it.

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There are lots of topics you can write about and the business could be started with as low as N5,000.

Just get a PC or Mobile phone and the Internet you are good to go.

6. Hair Dressing.

Make Money as Students

Hair dressing is an option for female students, in the hostel, you can make money by making the hairs of other female students and recieve payments.

Make Money as Students

This could be done on any day of the week depending on your exrtise and speed.

You may decide to make hairs only on weekends to avoid unnecessary interference with your academics.

7. Hair Barbing.

Make Money as Students

Who said you need a shop to start barbing on campus? Male students can barb in hostels too (if permitted).

The hostel veranda could serve as a place where this could be done.

The male students barb their hairs almost twice a week, therefore you are sure to make some amount of cash for the week.

8. Planning of Events.

Make Money as Students

There are lots of events in the University community , the school, students and other organisations sponsor events.

Most events fall at the begining of the semester, or end of the semester.

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You can decide to be the event planner for these occasions and make money from them.

Other events you can make money from is the students’ birthday ceremony, matriculation after party, departments and faculty dinners etc.

9. Sewing.

Make Money as Students

If you are good at sewing either with or without a machine, you can make money from sewing and mending other students’ clothes.

Students like wearing the trending clothes, you can make money sewing these latest wears.

10. Creating and designing a website.

Creating and designing a website is another you should consider.

This requires a bit of trainning but it is easy to learn and fetches cool cash afterwards.

Trust me, web design is a very cool source geting earning money as a student.



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