How to Make Money in Nigeria 2018 (5 Great Ideas that pay)

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Five business ideas to make money 2018

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The country’s situation has called for entrepreneurship and now everyone want money. People make the mistake of depending on capital to run their ideas. There are easier ways of making money without solely depending on capital. Every day we come across money making ideas in Nigeria. I mean lots of ideas are available for us to make best use of but we still use capital as an excuse.

Common you don’t expect to earn money when you have nothing doing. There are over one thousand ways of making money in Nigeria and all you need is to make the best use of them. Many Nigerian Youths look for ways to make money fast illegally. The consequences afterward is unbearable. You can start little, you must not look for the quickest way of making money in Nigeria.

Many people ask this question daily, What can I do to make money in Nigeria? I did earlier and I discovered there are many ways to make money in Nigeria. Today, I came up with the tips below and I believe it will be your guide on how to make money 2018 in Nigeria.

Money Making Ideas that Pays 2018

Many Young Nigerian seek how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime. On a rational thought is that possible? There is a popular saying “Money maketh money”, based on that you need money to make money. No matter how little or small your capital could be, you need money to start it up. Don’t get me wrong, money is not everything man needs to start a business, still needed. There are money making ideas that demand little capital, as a student or working class. I’ve shared some money making Ideas for the year 2018 below check them out.

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Think of Problems Technology has failed to solve

Luckily for us Nigerians, our Country is still developing. This situation comes with lots of opportunities and advantages. The best part of it is that you need your idea alone. Whether you’re a Secondary School student, an undergraduate in Higher Institutions. The door is widely opened to also the uneducated members of the society. Your idea is your tool to make money, technology is good but here in Nigeria we are not using tech to the best level. This is an advantage for you, all you need is to find the places tech couldn’t solve and fit in there.

Start a Restaurant Business

This business demands certain skills in the field, you’ll need to have basic knowledge. You can make money from this business with little money as it demands little capital. Many Nigerian Secondary Schools, Universities and other higher institutions permit selling food. That’s an opportunity you can seize for a start. Some places in Nigeria allows road side selling of food thus you can also seize the opportunity. All you need is to prepare your meal and look for a neat location to start your business. With time you’ll get enough capital to start your business.

Ceremony and Event Planning Business

Don’t start this business with the major reason of making money, otherwise you’ll get stock. This business requires patience, managerial and organizing skills for job. Taking over this event means taking over the entire event and allow the celebrants come on the day of event. As an event planner, you should have ideas of what that can make your customers impressed. On a daily basis especially during weekends events are held. You can make money from Event Planning Business in Nigeria.

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Become a Commercial Land House Owner

Owning a house is a very hot business idea in Nigeria and across the globe. The rent received from Housing increases and doesn’t go down. When it comes to making money, commercial housing is a source that pays. You don’t need any special knowledge of the business all you need is just money to start.
People think this is left for the rich alone but it isn’t. You can also start by building and renting shops to the people who are interested.

Start an Online Business

This is the simplest and less expensive way to make money in Nigeria. Did you know you can make money online without spending a dime? It is possible and easy. This is the Internet age and people depend on the internet to find solutions to certain problems. Why don’t you provide solutions to their needs and earn money from it? There are many opportunities online that pays very Well. Did you know you can make money online with 1000 naira only? Of course you can! Lets discuss how you can.

1. Blogging

Blogging is an online platform that has made many Nigerians Millionaires. Many people neglect blogging without knowing the full benefits they can gain. Blogging can be started with price as low as 500 naira. You think am kidding right but it is true. And the best part of blogging is that students at university can earn large amount of money. And it will in no way stand between you and your education. I am an undergraduate student and I blog all I need to do is balance my education and my career. You no longer need to search for online jobs for students in Nigeria as blogging is here to fit in.

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2. Vlogging (YouTube Videos)

Blogging and Vlogging are similar, the only difference is blogging involves written article. Nigerians stream YouTube on a daily basis to the extent YouTube has provided the YouTube NG. This shows you can make money from doing what you love. Do you love cooking, dancing, video games, singing, etc. YouTube is the perfect place to showcase your talent in a video form and also make money from it. Opening a YouTube Channel is absolutely free of charge. Make money online today from YouTube.

There are many jobs you can create for yourself and earn so much from them. All you need is to look beyond the capital and think of the ideas you can create. There are many more money making opportunities available for you all you need is to utilize them. Do you have any suggestions on how to make money in Nigeria. Feel free to contribute using the comment session.

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