How to Make Pounded Yam With a Stand Mixer

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In Nigeria, pounded yam fufu is loved and enjoy by many, due to its unique texture. Although not everyone can afford it due to the current cost of yam, the consumption and familiarity is gradually reducing.

Make Pounded Yam With a Stand Mixer

Preparing the pounded yam through the widely known traditional way (mortar and pestle) requires a lot of energy and time. To get the best consistency use the middle of the yam during preparation.

This article will enlighten you on a much easier way to prepare a pounded yam without passing through much stress.

Tips to Make Pounded Yam with a Stand Mixer.

Required Ingredients for making Pounded Yam.

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1. White Puna Yam.

2. Water.

Get a stand mixer. If you don’t have a stand mixer you can also use the help of a BLENDER.

Click here for “how to make pounded yam with a blender”.

Preparation process

1. Get your white puna yam and cut into smaller pieces.

2. Rinse the already cut yam thoroughly to remove sand and dirt.

3. Get a clean pot, add the already rinsed yam and add water to content level.

4. Place on medium heat and allow to cook.

5. Keep cooking untill you notice the surrounding water become a bit soapy and cloudy, also it becomes very easy to drive a knife into the yam pieces.

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6. Separate the yam from the water and set, the water could be needed later.

7. Get your sand mixer bowl clean and put the cooked yam pieces into it and using the beater attachment, whip the pieces of yam till a smooth dough is formed.

8. Start with a low-speed and slowly increase to higher speed.

9. Allow for about a minute, an you’ll be left with a smooth pounded yam.

10. To make the pounded yam, add some of the soapy water for cooking the yam and whip some more.

Be careful while adding the water so it doesn’t become too soft.

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11. The pounded yam is done and ready to serve.

The pounded yam fufu can be served with any Nigerian soup.

To get the best consistency use the middle of the yam during preparation.

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