How to Make Rat Trap using a Water Bottle

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Rats are small destructive rodents that don’t stop until they get what they smell, they go as far as destroying valuables and other important materials just to get what they want at that moments. This rodents need to be stopped.
homemade rat trap
Have you tried ways of stopping this little creatures with other traps, equipment and devices without success? today we’ll learn how to catch them using what I call ” da rodent catching technique”.
Our rodent catching technique will capture them and keep them alive until you dispose them as you want. Want to get rid of those troubling rodents? You are at the right place.

Trap Requirements.

  • 1.25L water bottle (you can get a larger size)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Knife for crafting

Step-by-step procedure to construct Trap.

  • Get the required materials together on a plane surface.
  • Use Knife to cut off the bottle neck about an inch below the threaded section.
  • Use scissors to make cut of about 2 inches down from your already made cut.
  • Place the 2 large pieces in safe corner as they’ll be the trap.
  • Get the smaller upper section (the funnel), use scissors to cut slices of about an inch till down. Start slicing from the end where the opening was removed.
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Make homemade rat trap

  • Make a diagonal cut to get a spike-like form to avoid the trapped rat from getting away either by jumping up or climbing away. Make it look like the picture below

Build a rat trap

  • Get the rim of the funnel taped round.
  • Try inserting the funnel into the lower (bottom) part of the bottle.
  • Seal the Funnel by folding the tape over the edge. To be sure, add enough tapes.

Trapping the Rodents.

Building the trap is one step, getting the rodent is another. To get these troubling rodents, you’ll have to place these traps in strategic places. You have to know how they behave to really get them out.

  • Place traps beside walls as rats like running close to walls.
  • Place where you notice rat faeces often.
  • In case you see rat hole(s) place the trap 60 cm away
  • Put bait in the trap
  • To get rid of rats, cut the tape so as to easily remove funnel.
  • Dispose rats miles away from your home so they don’t return.
  • You can reuse trap.
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