How to Make Smartphone Battery Last Longer

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How Can I Make My Android Battery Life Last Longer?

Have you though on ways to improve your hone battery and didn’t get any result? This article will reveal tips to improve the life of your battery and boost the performance.

Save battery life

Many Android devices come with battery of 4000mAh, 4500mAh even 10000mAh and still you discover the battery does not last as you expected. Do not panic as this article will give you detailed solution to improve battery life.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Battery Performance

1. Adjust the Brightness of Your Screen:

Reduce Screen Brightness

Most times we increase the brightness of the screen for a clearer vision, increasing the brightness of your screen gives you a much clearer view but also affects battery life and duration.

To increase the duration and performance of your battery reduce or dim the brightness of your screen, better still set to increase and reduce brightness automatically by selecting “auto“. The “display duration” matters a lot, set the device screen to sleep in 2 minutes to conserve battery.

How to Adjust Screen Brightness on Android 7.0

  • Go-to Setting on your Smart Phone.
  • Locate “DISPLAY” and select “BRIGHTNESS“.
  • Adjust the Screen Brightness to your desired Setting.
  • Locate the “SLEEP” option and set it to 2 minutes.
  • Good!!!

2. Switch Off Connections not in Use:

Off Phone Connection

Most at times we leave the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Data and other connections running whether they are in use or not. How do you expect the battery to last? The connections keep searching for connectivity automatically and this highly depends on the battery to function. Make sure you disconnect and off your connections immediately afer using them.

Go-to Settings, there you’ll find the connections or just swipe down your phone screen to access the shortcut, OFF them from there.

3. Switch Off Vibrations:

Vibrations consumes battery especially when used too much. For instance; You enabled your device to vibrate during calls, when you tap screen, unlock screen, play game, etc. all this add to the amazing Smart phone experience but at the expense of your battery life.

How to deactivate vibrations on Android

  • Go-to Phone settings.
  • Scroll down abit to sound
  • Turn OFF the “Also Vibrate for Calls” Button.
  • Scroll down to Other Sounds
  • Turn OFF the “Vibrate on tap” Button.
  • Go-to your keyboard settings and turn off the “VIBRATE ON KEYPRESS” option.

4. Reduce Phone Volume;

Yea, I observed this on my device, whenever I increase the volume if my device especially if I turn on the “Dirac” feature, my battery run down fast. Many people prefer listening to music with a loud volume turning the beautiful sound to noise. The Dirac feature should be use when you want to pass a message across to many people using your phone.

Adjust the volume of your Ringtones, Alarm, medias and games, the higher your volume the faster your battery drains.

How to Reduce Caller Ringtone.

  • Go-to settings
  • Scroll down to Sound
  • Adjust your “Ring volume, Notification volume, Alarm Volume“.

#Quick tip: You can just reduce the Volume of your device but reducing the volume of your device found at the side of the Phone.

5. Activate the Auto-Power Saving Mode:

The Power saving mode is a new feature on Android smart phones which helps to conserve battery and extend the battery life by automatically deactivating all other applications and allowing the basic applications to run.

When active only the required applications that consumes little power is permitted to run, applications such as Phone, Messages, Notes, Calculator, Recorder and Clock.

This application is also called the Ultra Power in Android 7.0

How to turn ON the Ultra Power saver.

Swipe down your screen and select the ultra power saver option.

6. Get rid of irrelevant applications:

Save battery life

Uninstall applications that are no longer needed, this will reduce the amount of application running in the background. Hold the application you wish to uninstall and select the “Uninstall option” from pop-up options.

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