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How to maintan younger looks.

Let me start by asking, “Who wants to get old?” Everyone will raise their hands. But if ask the question this way, “Who wants to look old?“.

how to maintain a young look 1

Almost all hands will be dropped. But the truth is ageing is a price paid for living.

That makes it inevitable. But there are natural means to maintain your younger look even though you are truly getting old.

Maintain a Young Look.

There are natural options for those who want to maintain their young appearance.


1. Natural Anti-ageing options.

how to maintain a young look 2Eat more of vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes.

These vegetables possess a very effective anti-ageing agent – Beta carotene, which is the precursor of vitamin A.

After digestion, the end product of beta carotene is retinol (vitamin A).

This agent stimulates the growth of skin cells and builds collagen.

Also Betacarotene blocks antioxidants thereby guarding the skin from premature aging and diseases.

2. Take more of Oranges and other citrus fruits

how to maintain a young look 3Citrus fruits such as Oranges, Limes and Lemons are natural sources of Vitamin C.

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They play the role of antioxidants thereby guarding the skin from ageing.

Vitamin C, present in citrus fruits is important to produce collagen in the skin.

Bioflavonoids are active compounds found in citrus fruits. They make the tiny blood capilaries stronger and also prevent unattractive broken veins.

3. Eating Nuts – Palm Nuts, Cashew nuts and wall nuts.

Fatty acids also possess high level of anti ageing properties, and since nuts are major sources of fatty acids, they are also good at battling ageing.

The fatty acids naturally are present in our skin cells.

They assist in replenishing collagen, mosturise the skin and help with the skin firmness.

Nuts possess anti-inflammatory properties, this ensures the smoothness of the skin.

4. Eating and Appling Avocado on skin.

how to maintain a young look 5The avacado is a good source of antioxidant, vitamin C, they play the role of guarding the skin from ageing.

Avacado possess fats which helps replenish collagen, and contains protein needed for skin elasticity.

Avacado pear can be applied on the skin directly. This is the remedy for dry skin.

5.Wave smoking good bye.

how to maintain a young look 7Over the years, smokers have suffered from many illnesses and wrinkles, as a result of the carbon monoxide present in cigarettes.

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The carbon monoxide cuts off the circulation of small capillaries responsible for feeding the skin.

That’s not all, smoking stops the body from absorbing a relevant substance for growing collagen. Vitamin C.

6. Keep out of Harsh sun.

The early morning sun is recommended since it helps the body release vitamin A, after the early morning sun (from 11am -5pm), the hot afternoon sun should be avoided.

The skin produces melanin to guard against ultra violet lights. This lights accelerates ageing and wrinkles.

Therefore exposing our skin to harsh sun is not encouraged.

7. Drink enough water daily.

how to maintain a young look 8During the day’s activities, the body loses water as the organs in the body functions.

Dehydration leaves the body no other choice than to divert the available water to essential organs leaving the other organs without water.

An adult is recommended to drink at least two litres of water daily.

Drinking enough water allows the skin and other organs of the body get the required amount of water.

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8. Applying Olive oil directly on the skin.

how to maintain a young look 105Applying olive oil on the skin protects it from pollutants and shields the skin from the oxidizing effects of the sun.

The oil posses strong antioxidants and if applied to the skin after direct exposure to the sun or any ultraviolet ray may protect the skin.

9. Engaging in Exercises.

how to maintain a young look 10Regular exercises helps the flow of nutrients and blood through the skin surface.

During exercises the blood pumps faster, deep lying cells in the skin are pushed up to the skin surface.

This will enable a younger appearance of the skin surface.

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