How to pass JAMB and score above 250 marks|7 Steps (with pictures)

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How to pass jamb Step 1

How to pass JAMB:
The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is one of the entrance examination into any Universities in Nigeria.

Preparation is the key to success, the way you prepare for your JAMB examination determines the way you pass.

Commitment, Diligence and discipline are the three magic words to pass the examination.

Scoring high in any examination begins with a step.

There are steps you should take, though at first may seem difficult (if you haven’t been doing it) but with time you’ll get used to them.


Step 1: Set a score benchmark for your self.

How to pass jamb Step 2 The score you want is different from the score you need.

JAMB scores 400 and the candidate is supposed to score 200, some universities accepts 180 as their pass mark.

The score you want might be 300 and the score you need could just be 180.

Always set the score you want higher than the needed.

Before writing JAMB ensure you are familiar with your choice of institution cutoff mark.

The score you set for your self matters a lot, set a reasonable score like 325/400 and direct all your effort towards getting 325.

These you should consider before setting a benchmark.

  1. University previous cut off mark.
  2. The time dedicated to study and preparation.
  3. Previous out come of candidates in the subjects.

Your strengths in each subjects.

After considering all these, set your bench mark and then distribute according to your strength.
For instance.

My benchmark for JAMB: 325.
Use of English: 75, • Mathematics: 80,
Economics: 85, • Commerce: 75.

Step 2: Set a study plan.

How to pass jamb Step 3

Studying should be done with a plan, attaining your benchmark is dependent on your level of study.

Create a time table ( schedule for study), objectives and goals for each day.

This makes your study organized, and also set a target you must reach each day.

The study plan is a personal decision, therefore each students will be left with a different study plan.

Add more time to days with fewer personal and household activities (when you have more free time).

Things to consider while setting a study plan.

  1. Reading strength. When do you read well (early morning, day or night) and for how many hours?
  2. Your Benchmark. What score do you want?
  3. The time available for reading.
  4. Strength in subjects. What’s your performance in the subject at secondary school?
  5. Reasons for study.
  6. Remember, each student studies differently, so the amount of time you need to study may differ

Get a study Plan.

Create a reasonable study plan and do not reschedule always to suit you.

For instance, you have use of English today, you decide to rewrite your time table to set Mathematics instead of English and you keep doing it each time you have Use of English.

How to create an effective study plan?

1. List out your day-to-day activities and create a chart of your daily activities.

2. The important activities should be put into consideration, don’t take note of unnecessary activities such as time you rise from bed, time to sleep, time to go to school, time you return, time to sleep.

3. Others like, time to bath, time to brush, time to dress and the like are not needed.

Creating a reading time table.

Now that you’ve noted all your important day to day activities and the time available for reading, it is time you create a time table.

Make a list of the subjects and the time dedicated to studying them.

This is where discipline comes in, ensure you use time as planned. If the exam is fast approaching, ensure you dedicate at least five hours daily to study.

Drink enough water while studying and observe breaks too.

Be sure to Maintain your plan.

Follow your study plan accordingly don’t skip a step.

Studying with a friend or partner encourages discussion which will in return expose you more.

But be sure you don’t discuss out of the topic and bring up topics not included in the syllable.

And make sure your friend’s or reading partner’s study plan won’t affect yours and your’s her’s.

Start reading immediately.

There is no time too early to begin, I advise you begin to study even if it is thirty minutes daily.

Step 3. Study using past question and answer.

How to pass jamb Step 4

JAMB questions are objectives only, and all subjects contain fifty questions except English which is a hundred.

For an effective outcome, it is compulsory you know how JAMB set their questions and the pattern they use.

The way you prepare for WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and other related examinations is totally different from JAMB.

The formers comprise of objective and theory questions while the latter comprises of objective questions alone.

You will notice repetitions in questions, make sure you know the answer to those questions, and study the questions starting from a decade ago (10 years).

How to use answer jamb past questions. (under exam condition).

  1. Glance through the questions before answering.
  2. Time yourself under exam condition (45 minutes), this will improve the way you answer questions.
  3. Leave any question if you don’t know the answer (this should be done immediately you read it once).
  4. Dedicate less than a minute to a question.
  5. After answering the questions return to the unknown questions.
  6. Check the time, do you have more time? If Yes, cross check. If no work on your timing.
  7. Score yourself.

Step 4. Study with the help of exam focus textbooks.

How to pass jamb Step 5Exam focus textbooks are there to ensure you study according to the syllable.

Many students study blindly, the truth is every examination is set according to a focus.

There are thing expected of you by the examiner.

The JAMB syllabus is a reading guide for candidates.

JAMB examination have been conducted since 1970s and ofcourse they don’t have new questions, they keep repeating and rearranging questions.


The JAMB Questions and Answer is there to provide the questions written over this years, and as for the answers be sure to do your own research on questions you are not sure of.

Don’t solely believe on the author’s answers.

Step 6. Write the exam in your mind before the exam day.

How to pass jamb Step7

Do this on a daily occasion probably after solving the past questions and answer.

Playing the examination scene in your mind will help boost confidence in yourself and keep you psychologically fit.

See your yourself writing the examination and coming out with a happy face.

It could be done in form of meditation, stay in a quite place either lying or sitting with your eyes closed and begin.

The way you want your examination to be and any thing you want for your self in the examination hall.

Step 7. Get enough sleep before the exam day.

How to pass jamb Step 8

Ensure you sleep well before the day of examination, it has been observed that students use the day before as the revision day.

The truth is nothing you read at that time matters, you need to rest your brain and prepare it for the next day.

Give your self at least 9 hours of sleep before going for the examination.

Good luck!!!

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