How to Pass Mathematics in WAEC and NECO

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The two Nigerian secondary school certificate examination West African Examination Council (WAEC) and NECO scares most Nigerian students especially the mathematics exams.

Pass Mathematics in WAEC and NECO

Many Nigerian students see mathematics as a monster and a subject haunting their accademic perfomance.

Personal contribution to faliure.

The way you see a subject matters alot, mathematics is simple just like any other subject in Secondary School the problem is what you think of it.

Most students see mathematics as their worst subjects thereby giving little or no attention to mathematics.

Students have gone as far as making a norm to hate mathematics.

If you are among these students you are mistaken, mathematics is just like other subjects in the school and requires no magic to understand.

Most often students lead others into the mathematics hatred belief.

Mathematics can your favourite if you give it a chance.

Did you know Mathematics you call your worst subject happens to be many other student’s favourite?

You may think that the your mates doing well in class has a special brain for solving mathematics, if you’ve been thinking so you are wrong.

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Everyone has the ability to solve mathematics, it is God given.

Mathematics is used on our everyday life, everything we do on a daily basis requires mathematics in one way and the other be it cooking, bathing, sweeping, buying items, etc.

Teachers Contribution to Faliure.

Pass Mathematics in WAEC and NECOIf you are waiting for your tutor to teach you everything you’ll never achieve anything, make sure you make out time for solving mathematics on your own.

Many teachers and tutors make us fear the subject as they overate the subject, putting fear into the students.

Many educational institutions employ anyone to teach mathematics, the unqualified tutors seek for easy means of transffering knowledge to students making the subject period harder than it should, leaving the students knowing nothing.

It has been observed that having a bad teacher to student relationship usually cause faliure in that subject.

Probably you dislike your teacher for one reason or the other forgive the teacher and let go off the cause, focus on the subject.

Study has shown that students who dislike their teacher for one reason or the other fail the subject.


Passing Mathematics in WAEC AND NECO.

The Mathematical Branches.

The first step to pass any subject is to be familiar with the branches, mathematics is not exempted.

TO understand mathematics as a student you are expected to know the branches of mathematics.

Mathematics has seven divisions which include; Trignometry, Algebra, Geometry, Arithemetic, Structure, Probability and Structure.

Knowing this make you familiar with the basis.

For an easy recognision students can view the branches as a TREE with only seven branches but are all joined to the stem (mathematics).

Mathematical Concept.

Just as any other subjects, mathematics also have concepts.

Most often students think they are familiar with these concepts because they are written in english language.

Mathematical concepts are like the pivots used for setting questions in mathamatics, therefore it is important you know them.

Imagination and Visualization of Mathematics.

While solving mathematics it is important you digest the question and visualise the problem with your mind.

Imagination and visualization are surely amongst the ways of solving mathematics problems.

The Mathematical Signs, Formulae, Symbols etc.

Ensure that you get used to the commonly used formulars and signs in mathematics.

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Before a the next mathematics class make sure you must have read the topic to be treated.

Solve more question and more mathematical questions

Mathematics require continous practice, solve many questions after the day’s topic, as most of the mathematics textbooks have many problems at the end of each chapter.

Solve and check for answers probably at the back of your text book.

Obey all rules in Mathematics.

Every mathematical rules and etiquettes must be obeyed and observed when solving any mathematical problem(s).

Make out time to solve mathematics on your own.

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