How to Pass WAEC (Latest) 2019/2020 – 20 tips to write WAEC once

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How to pass WAEC 2019: Every candidate writing WAEC examinations or any form of examination wants to pass although not everyone will.

Pass WAEC 2019

People fail WAEC examinations because of mistakes and reasons that could be avoided.

I’ve outlined 20 tips that will be of great help while preparing and sitting for your Examinations.

For you to gain admission into any Nigerian University, WAEC is a must pass examination.

To get admitted into your desired University aside the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination, the WAEC examination is very important.

Tips to Pass WAEC 2019/2020 examinations.

Before Examination.

1. Change your mindset.

Be rest assured that you’ll sit for the examination as well pass the examination.

2. Get familiar with the system.

Make sure you have an idea of how the questions are set each year and how they are to be answered (Past Questions will help you with this) to avoid confusion on the day of exam.

The WAEC syllabus will be your guide and they are available online.

3. Drop some believes.

Ignore any negative believe especially the once carried around by people, if you carry out a survey, you’ll discover that majority of them didn’t even attempt WAEC. Ensure believes such as “it is difficult to pass the WAEC examinations on your own” and any similar ones should be thrown away.  “Positive thought is the key to Success

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4. Study harder.

Make out enough time to study your book and answer past questions, ask questions if you need help.

5. Get the recommended materials.

Ensure you get the WAEC recommended textbooks and materials for all your registered subjects.

6. Register you exams legally.

Your examination registration should be done on a legitimate and trusted centered. Don’t follow the majority to register in expo (places where you depend on the centers to provide answers to the questions) as the centers could be caught and your exams cancelled.

7. Seek guidance tackling though questions.

Since this is an external examination, you need to get things done the right way as your teachers won’t be marking your work this time and above all there is no time for a redo. If you come across difficult question(s) or subject(s), seek the help your tutor. Don’t conclude it won’t be asked or otherwise just head to your tutor to explain more.

8. Get a reading time-table:

Get yourself a reading time-table for personal study. In some cases reading partners can also motivate you to read. But don’t read together with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or playmate most times the out come isn’t good. Go for the serious once, let business be business, there is enough time to play after success so why waste your time playing now?

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9. Good writing counts:

Like I earlier said, the examination is external  therefore Work on your writing, many students have fail due to illegible writing or poor writing.

Improve the way you write and make it bold and easy to read.

During Examination.

10. Make your points first while answering a question.

Everyone want to impress the person marking his/her script. Oh yes, you have much stories to tell but before that make sure you hit the target before any other explanation. Go straight to the point and answer in respect to the question asked.

11. Answer questions fast.

Work on your question answering speed, how may minutes does it take you to answer an objective question?

12. Ignore unknown questions first.

Don’t waste time on a question you are not sure of, go for the ones you are sure of first and come back to the unsure ones later. This will help you gain time to think on the unknown questions.

13. Cross check questions after answering.

Quickly cross check each line you answer there might not be enough time to review your answers.

14. Carry out a test using Past questions

Test yourself with standard WAEC questions, this will get you well prepared for the exam.

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15. Write the exam first before worrying about the result.

16. Go through questions before answering

After receiving the examination question, do not be in a hurry to start answering.

Go through the questions and make sure you understand the question before attempting them.

17. Read the Instructions before attempting the question.

18. Get enough sleep a day before the examination. Give yourself a light revision and enough sleep.

19. Read at least 3hrs everyday.

Read at least 3 hours daily and start four months before the examination.

20. Get all your writing tools.

Get fully prepared, get all needed tools ready (mathematical set, pen, pencils, eraser, sharpener, etc.) before entering the examination hall.

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