How to Play Chess like a Professional in Less than 2 weeks

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How to win every chess game you play

Chess is a board game loved, played and enjoyed by many people because of its unique movements, structure, tactics, formation, etc. Many just conclude they can’t play the game of chess all because  of the way the game play, and then you hear excuses such as “I prefer monopoly“, “the game is majorly for men“, “I don’t really have enough time“, etc.

How to become an expert in chess

The Nigerian Female Chess team 2014 at Olympics held in Norway.

Yet, many Chess players see the game as the simplest game as the rules are simple, the moves are easy to remember etc. Why do you like Chess? There are players who see Chess as the opposite of simple they say, ” Another Man’s Food is another’s Poison” not everyone will enjoy the game most definitely.

But today, this Article will provide easy tips on how to be a Pro in the game of Chess in 14 days.

Tips to Be a Pro in the game of Chess.

Did you know you can become a pro in Chess in less than 2 weeks? The below tips will make it real.

  • Get a Chess Board: Buy yourself a chessboard and make sure you become familiar with the moves, names and roles of each character, game rules, etc.
  • Know and Understand the Game Rules: Just like any other board game, Chess has its own set of rules. Don’t just know the rules, try to understand the application and implication of each rules and the meaning of some terms in the game.
  • The game Notation: Learn every notation in the game, chess notation is easy to learn. This is the first step to becoming a professional Chess player.
  • Learn to Dominate the Center: Bear in mind that the person dominating the center of the game has a higher chance of winning as the King (who is to be protected) can easily be targeted and attacked from the center of the game.
  • Think and Think before making a move: Don’t be eager to play as you may fall into your opponent’s trap. Think on what would be your opponent’s response as a result of your move. Look at all the characters in the game that can respond to that move and try to weigh if the move would worth the risk or not.
  • Think as your opponent is playing: DO NOT relent after your turn, look for loop holes to strike your opponent of guard. When your opponent is thinking of the move to make.Think on your next move as you have enough time and space to see the defense errors before he corrects it.
  • Play with Better Players: Play with good players that are really into the game to increase your experience and also teach you new moves and tactics. Each players have their own tactics so playing with them will give you the opportunity to learn more from them.
  • Devise your own Strategy and develop it: Since strategy matters a lot in the game, it is important you develop your own tactics. Use your tactics on different player to see the results and make amendments if necessary.

Three Characters you shouldn’t loose no matter what.

  • Queen
  • Knights
  • Bishops



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