How to Prepare Amala

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The Amala is indigenous to the Yoruba ethnic group, located at the western parts of the country (Nigeria). If you are an indigenes, or you base within the Yoruba region you must be familiar with the food.

Prepare amala

The amala is “incomplete” without the ewedu soup amid stew and assorted meat (Goat or Beef).

The food is appreciated by many who are not from the Yoruba ethnic group (like me) and is the by a typical Yoruba man.

This popular Nigerian delicacy is prepared from either cassava or yam flour.

In Nigerian cities such as Lagos and Ibadan, the amala top the menu list in many local restaurants.

Also I’ve noticed two types of amala, the white (lafun) and the black. I personally enjoy the white amala especially with ewedu amid gbegiri and meat.

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Though I haven’t had a taste of the black amala people who eat enjoy it, and I discovered majority go for the black.

The amala is not served alone, but with ewedu amid stew and meat and/or fish

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The amala preparation takes no time. The amala is prepared the same way be it white or black, and is enjoyed by its lovers.

Required Ingredients for making Amala.

  • Water
  • Yam flour ( from yam bark or flesh)

Amala Preparation Guidelines.

  • Get a clean pot, add some amount of water in it.
  • The quantity of water should be based on the size of amala to be made.
  • Place the pot on any cooking appliance (stove or cooker) to boil.
  • Allow the water to boil till it gets to “boiling point
  • Reduce the heat level from your cooking equipment and gradually add the yam flour into the pot of boiled water.

Do note. Don’t pour the yam flour into the pot containing the boiled water while it is still on cooking equipment (Stove or cooker). This will prevent lumps in the amala after making it.

  • Start turning the yam flour using wooden stick, after a while add a little water to the flour and place it back on the cooking equipment.
  • Cook on a medium-low heat for about 5 minutes, allow to cook appropriately.
  • Check the texture of the Amala, whether it is too hard or soft using your finger.

Do note. Due to direct contact with the food always ensure your hands are washed before any contact.

  • If the yam flour is too soft add some yam flour (I suggest you sprinkle). But if reverse is the case, pour some hot water on the flour.
  • After either of the above, continue stirring until it turns very smooth.
  • Once your Amala appears smooth, then it is ready to serve.
  • It could be served with any soup of choice, ewedu with gbegiri or stew, egusi, okra, bitter leaf soup, vegetable soup (pumpkin) etc.
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