How to Prepare HomeMade Shoe Polish

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Making a homemade polish.

Shoes and other leather footwears appear shiny ans last longer when polish is applied.

Getting a polish could be expensive, but you won’t need to spend your money to get one.

make homemade polish

You can make your own homemade polish all by yourself.

Homemade polish is natural, environmentally friendly and relatively cheap.

The supplies are things in the home already.

General Tips to make homemade polish.

1. Ensure your shoes are clean and dry before applying polish.

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2. For leather shoes polish monthly or when the needs arise to prevent splitting.

3. Olive oil works well whether cheap or expensive.

4. The below tutorial is for leather shoes alone.

5. Banana peels can serve as polish for leather shoes.

Just rub ther shoes and the peel oils will do the job. Dispose the peels properly.

Required Ingredients to make homemade polish.

The required supplies to make your own homemade polish is not far fetched, just get them and lets begin.

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1. Olive oil

2. Lemon juice

Preparing your Homemade polish.

1. Mix a part lemon juice with two parts olive oil. This will form your polish.
2. Apply and rub gently on your shoes and allow to soak in for some minutes. This should be done using a clean cloth.
3. Buff with another cloth.
4. Your shoes are shiny.

Watch the tutorial video here:

How to make homemade polish – YouTube

how to make homemade polish.


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