How to Prepare Delicious Okra Soup

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The okra soup is in fact one soups ethnic groups in Nigeria enjoy, both the Hausas (they call it Miyan Kubewa), Yoruba and of course the Igbos find the soup delicious due to its unique draw nature and taste.

Prepare Okra Soup

Okra Soup is easy to prepare the following steps will be your guide

This is indeed among the fastest and the probably the simplest Nigerian soup to prepare.

Prepare Okra Soup

The energy and time deposited in  Preparating this soup is little, for mothers this could be your trick after coming home late from work, okra soup could come to the rescue.

Even though the making the soup appear easy, people still argue the stress from cutting the vegetable leaves used to prepare this soup accounts for the time used to prepare other soups.

They are right though once the you are done cutting the vegetables then soup is 80% ready.

Did you know you can also add ogbono to your okra soup? Now you know.

Cooking requirements to Prepare Okra Soup.

1. 250 g of Okra (that should be about five (5) cups)

2. Palm oil (measure three (3) cooking spoons)

3. Meat (Buffon, Goat meat, Beef) and cut into prefered sizes.

4. Fish (Ice fish – Titus, Mackerel), Dry fish (Mbasa), Stock fish (a.k.a okporoko in Nigeria).

5. Crayfish (a handful).

6. Pepper

7. Salt

8. Vegetables (Pumpkin – Ugu or Spinach – Ukazi).

9. Three (3) magi cubes.

You may add onion, it is not required though.

Getting your oil ready.

Due to much oil imitations and excess dilutions in the country, I suggest the oil with two chambers (permit me to use the word), lower and upper.

The lower is the kinda solid form and most a times reddish-orange in colour and the upper is the liquid for that is normally reddish in color.

Before using any palm oil make sure you shake the oil to mix the lower and upper chambers.

Before preparing your okra soup.

Boil your stockfish (okporoko) for 15-20 mins depending on the quantity and leave it in the hot water to soak for about an hour.

This is done if the stock fish you bought is the hard one, some require little or no soaking in water.

The okra should be cut into tiny pieces, in my state (Abia state), you pound the okra till the white okra seeds are not actually seen.

But to cut the okra soup first make few vertical cuts then in the same manner horizontal cuts on the okra fingers.

Prepare Okra Soup

The tinner you cut the okra will determine the way it draws.

That means the tinier the more it draws, that’s why pounding the okra is still the best method if you expect it to draw very well.

Prepare Okra Soup

Wash your vegetable either pumpkin (ugu) or spinach (ukazi), whichever is your choice of vegetable and cut them in into tiny pieces.

Grind or pound your crayfish and pepper (if it is the dry one)

Cooking Directions.

Prepare Okra Soup

1. Wash and boil your cow tripe (Shaki) till it is done, if it is among your choice.

The soup needs to be thick so I suggest you add water little by little.

2. Then its time to add the soaked Okporoko (stock fish) and the dried fish as well to the cooked cow tripe (Shaki).

3. The time the shaki should cook depends on the cooking appliance used, after a while when the shaki and stock fish are well-done, then add your meat (Goat, Beef, Buffon or even pork), coupled with onions and Maggi cubes and cook.

4. After a while introduce your iced fish (Mackerel or Titus, which ever you chose) and cook till they are well done.

5. Get a fresh pot and pour palm oil in it and place it on the stove/gas cooker or any cooking appliance used, this should get the oil dissolved if it is congealed.

6. Then begin to add your pounded or sliced okra, after that is done, stir and fry the okra to trigger the drawing process. Meat stock should be added gently till the okra is observed to start drawing.

7. The above process should take five (5) minutes at most so that the okra won’t be over cooked.

8. Begin to add the vegetables and stir to mix well.

9. The meat, stockfish, dried-fish and cray fish should be added now, all of them should be added at a time.

10. Add your pepper and salt for taste after all these are in the pot, stir well.

11. The soup should be covered and allowed to simmer.

The delicious okra soup is ready to be served.

Do note.

1. Okra soup will as well “taste good” with just Iced fish either Titus or Mackerel, therefore adding Shaki, Meat (Goat, pork, beef, Buffon), Dry Fish (Mbasa), Iced Fish (Mackerel/Titus) and Stock Fish is “not necessary” although they will also add flavor to your pot of okra soup.

2. Pumpkin leaves are best for okra soup preparation (recommended)

Adding onions to okra.

Many people cannot stand the taste of onions in okra soup, the smell and taste also could be disturbing.

Adding onions in okra soup is not compulsory (optional). People also complained that the use of onions will reduce the way soup should draw.

I’ve not noticed it but though.

3. Our okra soup can be served with Pound Yam, Eba (Garri), Cassava Fufu, Semolina Fufu, Amala, Tuwo Shinkafa etc.

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