How to repel mosquitoes from home | 9 natural methods to scare away mosquitoes (pictures)

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Chase mosquitoes Way 10

Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to human maybe we owe them a meal, also our day to day experiences makes it more difficult to avoid these insects.

Our scent, heat, light (from appliances and others) and humidity are the factors, to mention a few, responsible.

The mosquito bite can be annoying especially when it prevents your sleep, yet it leaves us with bumpy and itchy skin.

The female mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting maleria.

The female mosquito (responsible for malaria) finds their abode and as well feel comfortable in a swampy and humid environments.

They prefer sweat and bacteria, some species of mosquitoes are attracted to certain hand odours and carbon(iv)oxide.

The use of air insecticides such as mosquito coils, are dangerous to the health of humans and animals at large, and for the best results requires an air tight location or space (to allow easy circulation).

This repellants and insecticides all over the market can be of great help tackle mosquitoes but will also cause dangerous and negative effects to the humans, animals and surroundings at large.

Do note. If these chemical-laden mosquito repellants must be used at home, leave the applied area for about 15-30 minutes depending on the size.

Open the area and allow enough air circulation before entering.

I advice you do these at noon, when mosquitoes are into hiding and can’t storm in while the doors and windows are open.

Natural remedies for mosquitoes.

According to a saying “Iron sharpens iron”. I think the best way to tackle any natural issue should be the use of Nature itself.

Nature is complete, nature has a way of giving, taking and reducing. Below are natural means to repel mosquitoes, relatively less expensive and eco-friendly.


Chase mosquitoes Way 1Although most of us enjoy mints due to their strong odour, mosquitoes case is the direct opposite.


Mints possess strong odor that scare away their sworn enemy mosquito.

The mint oil can play a very important role and can be gotten from the mint extract or better still use the mint extract directly and the mosquitoes will keep their distance.

The mint oil can be poured into a spray bottle and squirt anytime or rub directly on the skin.


  1. Plant mint shrubs in your garden.
  2. Rub on your skin daily and mosquito will respect that.
  3. Spray mint oil in your home.

Introducing Camphor.

Chase mosquitoes Way9Camphor is known for their harmful effects on insects (both crawling and flying).

It’s indeed a recommended home remedy, if you want to get rid of any insects troubling you and the mosquito’s case is not different.

Although cockroaches and comphor are sworn enemies, the mosquitoes can’t stand the smell of comphor.

There are two types of camphor available in the market.

The burning camphor and camphor balls (white).

How to use the burning camphor.

  1. Light the camphor in the area (make sure it is air tight)
  2. All doors and windows should be closed.
  3. Come back after 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the area.
  4. There will be no trace of mosquito(es).

How to use the camphor balls

The camphor balls and Neem oil would serve as an effective natural weapon battling mosquitoes.

Follow the methods below,

  1. Camphor (3-4) balls.
  2. Neem oil.
  3. Empty refill bottle.


  1. Add your camphor balls and your neem oil into your refill bottle,
  2. Fix the refill bottle to the machine.
  3. Your natural mosquito repellent is ready for use. It is 100% eco-friendly,
  4. Keep out of the reach of children.

The use of Garlic.

Chase mosquitoes Way 3Garlic is one of the vegetables that possess offensive odour to both insects and man.

The use of garlic could also affect human, well it is often said, “what is war without a collateral damage?” that I agree.

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To enjoy your sleep you’ll also have to pay the price. now the extract of garlic possesses “mosquito larvicidal” properties.

How to repel mosquito using garlic.

  1. Get your cloves of garlic ready.
  2. Crush and start boilng (boil about 10-20 mins depending on the amount).
  3. Pour the boiled garlic water into a spray bottle
  4. Spray around the room.
  5. Enjoy your mosquito free Night.

Repel mosquitoes using garlic 2.

Better still, you can decide to eat the garlic, make sure you eat a lot of them.

After a while (digestion) the garlic oil well be released from your pores.

The mosquito won’t be able to suck due to the garlic oil available on the pores of your skin.


  1. Eat garlic daily to wave mosquitoes goodbye.
  2. Rub garlic cloves around your skin regularly.
  3. Applying tea tree oil on the skin.

    Chase mosquitoes Way 4

The tea tree oil works effectively aswell against mosquitoes and any other insect.

The oil possess an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it best against mosquitoes.

Just like theoils listed above, the tea oil is also equipped with strong weapon that are intolerable to the mosquitoes.


  1. Mix few drops of tea oil with few drops of water.
  2. Apply it on your face and any other part of your body exposed and mosquitoes will not come near you all night.

Using Peppermint.

Chase mosquitoes Way 5Just like mint, pepper mint is a sworn enemy of the mosquitoes.

Though, it disguises it self with a fresh and minty aroma, people still love it. It is naturally an insecticide no additional touches required.

Use peppermint oil as spray and the mosquitoes will find their way.

Peppermint oils and other essential oils are known to be a threat to mosquitoes.


  1. Spray the peppermint oil.
  2. Do not apply or rub directly on the skin as it could cause irritation.

Use of Lavender Oil.

Just like the former oils (mint and peppermint) the lavender oil is also an effective mosquito repellant.

This oil also possess a very strong smell that can’t be inhaled easily by the mosquitoes.

The flower and the oil possess the smell that the mosquitoes can’t stand.

All you have to do is pour your oil into a spray bottle.


  1. Spray the oil in your home and / place of work (during night shift).
  2. You can apply it on your skin directly and stay mosquito free.
  3. Grow plants in your garden or around your house for beautification and as a weapon against mosquitoes.
  4. Applying Coffee Grounds in stagnant water

This is the easiest and the simplest way to repel mosquitoes at home, work place (during night-shift or even hostels.

Chase mosquitoes Way 6

Just get your coffee grounds ready, search for stagnant water around your home and sprinkle your coffee grounds in it.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water,

eggs present in the water will be left with no choice other than to surface on the water and will definitely die due to lack of oxygen since they need to breathe to be alive.

Coffee grounds try to kill them before birth, but will not harm the mother or adult mosquitoes in the applied area.

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